Getting retractable awnings is a great idea, but there are certain things you should know about them and make sure you have answers to the following questions before you purchase and install those awnings;

Where will the Awning be Installed?

The answer to this question might seem obvious but it is a sure question you need to have answers to. Most people will install their awnings over a deck or their doors. If you have some other places in mind, then you need to ask yourself if it is possible to install the awnings there.
Where will the Awning be Installed

How Will the Awnings be Installed?

Most retractable awnings are installed to the exterior wall of the home, or patch of the roof just above the gutter. You must talk to the installer to ensure that your awning is customized for any location you choose especially if you are not installing the awnings on the patch of the roof or exterior wall. Keep in mind that the mounting will directly have an effect on the height of the awning and how steep the slope will be. You need to ensure that the installation will help the awning service its purpose.

Should I go for Manual or Motorized Awning?

The choice between manual or motorized awning will surely be your personal choice. If you choose to motorize awning you will have more convenience and such motorized option are ideal for those who don’t have much strength for manual options. Manual awnings, however, can be the better option for people who don’t have a reliable electricity supply on their deck. You need to ensure that you check from local authorities if you can install a motorized awning in your home. Motorized awnings are more expensive than manual options, hence you should keep this in mind.
Should I go for Manual or Motorized Awning

How Much Cover Does the Warranty Provide?

Oftentimes, you will discover that different components of your retractable awnings come with different warranty cover. You may discover that the frame, for instance, has a longer cover than the fabric used in making the awning. Some awnings do come with warranties on the powdered coating used. You need to ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranties before finalizing the purchase of the product. Be wary of awnings that do not come with manufacturer warranties, such products may be defective and may not last long. You should be wary of extremely cheap retractable awnings, they often come with a shorter manufacturer warranty that wouldn’t cover every aspect of the product.


The time frame for the installation of the retractable awning is as important as any other aspect of the product. Knowing the time frame of installation of the awnings will help you determine how competent the installer will meet your needs. You need an installer who can complete the installation process before the time you need it. The ideal installer must have the expertise and the equipment to complete the awning installation without causing any issue within or outside of the home.