Bedrooms have to put up with a lot. Every night we spend hours on end lying in them, tossing, turning, sweating and breathing out large volumes of moisture, which can leave them feeling less than fresh by the morning.

Thankfully there are a few ways to fix this issue and bring back that all-important freshness so that you are happy to slip back between the covers each evening. Here are just a handful of the top options to try for yourself.

Invest in an air purifier

Bedrooms can feel musty if the air quality is poor, and plenty of invisible particles will be lurking in the atmosphere of most houses, so taking a proactive approach to addressing this is a good idea.

This is where an air purifier, like those ranked over at, will be a sensible investment. Modern examples can turn themselves off and on automatically, not only removing microscopic nasties from your room, but also keeping the air circulating so that fresh air is drawn in and old air is booted out as needed.

Open the windows

The simple act of opening a window each morning and allowing the air in your bedroom to be replaced with fresh air from outdoors might seem obvious, but it is something which plenty of people overlook, especially during the colder months when you might feel less inclined to crack a window.

If your window has built-in vents to allow the flow of air even when it is not open, these can be used as a 24 hour freshness solution.

Launder everything you can

Bed linen that has been left on for more than a week will start to be a source of increasingly pungent smells that will not go away even if you get the air in your room moving.

Likewise if you have piles of worn clothes and other unwashed items lying around, or even tucked away neatly in a laundry basket, this scent can pervade the bedroom and prevent it from ever feeling fresh.

Increasing the frequency of your laundry schedule is a good way to get around this. You can make life easier for yourself by investing in a spare set of bed linen so that you do not need to wait for your current set to dry when laundry day arrives.

Deal with dust

Dust may just be dead skin cells, but if it is left to linger on bedroom surfaces, it will spoil the atmosphere and make the whole place feel unpleasant to be in for long periods.

Dusting regularly is therefore a good idea; aim to swipe these particles from all visible surfaces, and use a broom or vacuum on the floors, including under the bed, to suck up dust and other debris that would otherwise compromise the freshness of the space.

Ultimately there is no quick fix for achieving a fresh-smelling bedroom, but with a little hard work on a regular basis, you will see real results in less time than you might think.