Biophilia—an innate affinity of human beings with the natural world, is all the craze right now. You will find artificial glass walls in restaurants, hanging plants in cafes, indoor plants in offices and much more greenery. 

Ever inanimate space is incorporating the touch of plants to bring vivacity, aesthetic appeal, and better health. Indoor horticulture is the present and the future. 

If you’re thinking of hopping on the biophilia design trend, we are here for you. Let us tell you how indoor plant care in your office can change your work environment for the better. 

Plants can suck up toxins, considerably improving air quality

We associate fresh air with open spaces. 

One of the biggest downsides of closed space is the poor air-quality. Sometimes, it can even feel suffocating. Plants convert carbon-dioxide into oxygen, giving us fresh air to breathe in. So, your employees and you get to work in fresh air each day without feeling confined or suffocated. 

Apart from carbon dioxide, plants can remove other harmful toxins from the air too. For example, some electronics emit and domestic cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene which can adversely affect the air quality.

A lot of people also complain about dry-air in the office. A consequence of the air-conditioner. Breathing in dry air can lead to respiratory ailments. You can’t get rid of the air conditioners. Installing humidifiers is expensive and unnatural. What you can do is, get plants. They will reintroduce water vapor into the air. 

This will in-turn reduce the number of sick days that employees take because they all enjoy better overall health due to fresher air released by plants. 

Enhance creativity and productivity 

Studies from Exeter University titled ‘The Relative Benefits of Green versus Lean office space’ proved that workers were 15% more productive when the space they worked in had houseplants. This is because natural light improves the creation of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycles, affecting our energy levels. 

A space filled with plants will naturally require a constant flow of indirect sunlight. Enhancing both, the plants’ growth and employees’ productivity.

We all need to be inspired to access our creative side. And we all know there is nothing inspiring about working in a dull office filled with inanimate objects staring at you.

A beautiful flower in blossom, network of roots, thick foliage are all factors that can inspire us. It brings us in touch with nature and it’s beauty, helping us go beyond the walls within which we live. 

Overall improvement in mental health 

Office-workers often complain of bad mental health. They have to work in stressful environments for long hours and usually follow a monotonous routine. Such factors contribute to mental issues such as depression.

Stress can lead to a number of physical and mental health problems. Hence, a workspace should strive towards minimising stress. This can be very well achieved by plants in the workspace. 

The increased oxygen levels reduces mental fatigue. Being in spaces filled with greenery reduces everyday stress and makes people calmer, putting your employees in a positive frame of mind. 

Staff attraction and retention 

The primary role of your office is to ensure that the best talent is sitting at the desk and working for you. But it doesn’t end there. You also have to create an environment to ensure that that talent doesn’t leave you. No one wants extra recruitment and training costs. 

You can easily generate loyalty by introducing some greenery into your office. A survey by Peldon Rose indicated that a good office environment increases the feelings of loyalty in 53% of workers. Indoor plant care, hence, is your best bet. 

This is because the staff sees that they have an employer who is actively working towards maintaining and improving the workspace. This makes them feel cared for and harbour feelings of loyalty. 

It also makes the workspace human and relatable to the workers. It creates a space they want to work in. A good atmosphere to work in will always attract new employees and retain the ones you already have. 

Build a brand

The way you choose to set up your office gives your employees and clients a strong message about your brand. This is especially important while attracting more employees and customers. One look is all it takes for them to form an impression.

A biophilic design showcases a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment. You send a clear signal about caring for your staff’s well-being. 

It also reflects that you are a part of a sustainable company. Natural and recycled items always help in creating a socially and environmentally conscious image.

You can also have festival specific decor. Hire office holiday decor services and become an office that is genuinely trying to do something unique. 

You can also look up ‘plant rental near me’, to make the process of building a brand image much more convenient. This will give a professional insight on which plants suit your brand image. 

Create a more peaceful environment 

An office can be a very busy space. Constant movement, chatter and hustle bustle can distract employees from work, especially in open-plan offices. For the best performance and peace of mind, we need a calm and quiet environment.

Strategically placed plants can help reduce the noise in such environments. Foliage of plants can absorb, deflect and refract sound.

You can also place green walls on your office walls to minimise noise. This is especially helpful if you are located on a busy street. It will restrict noise coming into the office from outside as well as reduce scattering of noise in the office. 

A biophilic design gives you endless possibilities. Incorporate different shades of green, add a splash of colour with varied flowers, combine the plants with other earthy elements. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Indoor plant care doesn’t have to be hard either. You have options of live, faux and low-maintenance plants. 

Depending on your space and requirements, an Interior Plant Service can help you decide what’s the best pick for you.