Fans are the important parts of the households; they complete the home. They maintain the temperature inside, especially you, and I cannot expect the existence in summers without fans. However, technology has brought an endless number of options to us – Ceiling fans, retro table fans, cool fans, air conditioners, and many others. While the most suitable option for everyone nowadays is “retro table fans” for their durability, flexibility, vintage design, economic value, and easy management.  

Table fans are actually a better option than ceiling fans for the following advantages:  

1. Retro Fans are Easy to place anywhere 

They are the best known for their portable, unlike ceiling fans or air conditioners, they can be moved to any place you want they are not affixed to a certain place. However, you can place it on the side table near your bed, can be taken to the kitchen if you sweat excessively after cooking, could be arranged in the corners, and anywhere. For their portability, they are the widely accepted fans’ type. It throws air to every corner of the room.  

2. They give an Aesthetic Vintage Appearance to your room

If placed in the room, it gives it a charming look and refreshes the memory of the old era when people love sitting before the fan gossiping on their favorite topics. However, the practical need of the home is a “table fan” but the vintage table fans are often being used for decorative purposes – the sleek body, better color, and impressive patterns of the designs make them stand out! More and more customers are buying for this secondary purpose. You can be creative here and take your retro fan as the quirky decorative piece. Even it comes to buy the table fan online, make sure what are the requirements of the rest of the home and the color of the other furniture pieces, rugs, and curtains this would increase visual appeal.  

3. Equal Distribution of the air across the room

This is my most favorite though! Retro table fan throws air in a horizontal manner to all the corners of the room. In comparison with the others, they have a larger reach. Some have advanced features embedded in the design and can take a rotation of 250-degrees that ensures that everyone in the space could get the cool breeze with the equal intervals. 

4. Retro Table Fans are Budget Friendly

When it comes to the price and maintenance, air conditioners are the most expensive in some seasons, they are impractical too, while retro table fans stand oppositely, they bring quality and affordability together in one hand. Ceiling fans are often incapable to throw air to the base of the room hence, table fans are the perfect option and budget-friendly too. So, if you are after some economical option with lots of advantages as a bonus, I’d suggest purchasing retro table fans. 

5. They Requires less Energy

Ensure first the amount of energy is consumed by ceiling fans, air conditioners, and retro table fans. Your table fans hardly require 50-100 watts that are far lower than the ACs and ceiling fans so these are energy and work efficient both.  

So, these are the advantages of buying a retro table fan – Choose wisely!