College graduates that have earned their degrees are now faced with the challenge of choosing a career path. This is not always an easy decision. There are hundreds of options, and many more are being developed regularly. As one that has completed an interior design program, you will find some great ways to get into the field and use your knowledge and expertise. Here, we look at the top 5 opportunities that are available, all offering great ways to enjoy a rewarding career.

Residential Interior Designer

When people think of an interior designer, they think of those that create residential decor. This is one of the most popular paths for those graduating. As a residential interior designer, you have the option to create your own company or work with another. These designers will make use of everything they learn from a course and will have to ensure a space is functional, comfortable, and visually appealing.

As you take classes at a university, you will find that many interior design faculty members have worked in residential settings. They have experience with lighting, furniture placement, color selections, and so much more. All of this will have to be mastered to be a productive and successful professional. It is also required for these students to have obtained knowledge of floor plans and building codes. One must have a complete understanding of how the architectural details of walls, windows, and doors have an impact on the overall design.

Sustainable Design

This field is one of the best 5 career opportunities and has become quite popular with interior design graduates. These people work to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact caused by the materials being used. This career path has been the topic of many essays and paper samples. You can learn facts about sustainable design in free samples and can get more graduation essay examples to discover other options. When engaging in sustainable design, one will continue to develop visually appealing products but will use alternative substances to create the same effect. As you can learn from some free writing examples, there are many substitutions that can be used. For example, instead of using hardwood, they may opt for bamboo material. Decorators are also prone to using recycled materials when it comes to furnishing and providing detailed décor.

Production Design

If you have a passion for film and television, this is one avenue you may want to travel. These designers will create the visual concept of films or theater productions. They will identify specific designs for sets, props, costumes, lighting, and more. Working with producers is a demanding position. Most who choose this career will also have an education in television or film as there is much overlap.

Many production workers will be freelancers and will need to have marketing skills. While this is not an entry-level position, it can be hard to find open positions in this field. The pay will vary based on specific roles and the budget of a film will also be a factor.

Furniture Designer

Not everyone will be focusing on space or rooms in a home or office building. Some that have a degree will be creating the furniture that is used in those spaces. Furniture design is a specialized career that makes use of complicated software and tools. It can take many years to master but will yield a great interior designer salary.

Graduates heading into this field should have knowledge and experience with computer aided-programs for drawing and experience working with various materials. Using software and advanced technology is not the only option. Some will work closely with clients and will create a custom piece to be used in a home.

Lighting Design

For those that want to have an impact on the space truly, a lighting design position is a way to go. These career options for graduates in interior design are plentiful. You can find positions as a residential or commercial designer, with production companies, and more. Lighting changes the entire mood of a room or an entire space. In addition to considering the mood created, many other details also have to be addressed.

When working with lighting aspects, you will choose where power outlets and switches are located. These must all combine with the aesthetic of the room. Lighting can also overlap with sustainable design as most people now have concerns about environmental impacts and energy use.

One can also choose to follow the path of an architectural lighting designer. These people enhance visual quality by integrating daylighting and electric light sources into spaces. They work with engineers, architects, facility managers, and consultants to meet the aesthetic and budgetary requirements of specific projects.


As a student studying in school, choosing a career that involves this field is a good choice. There are many options available, and a variety of paths can be pursued by professionals. In terms of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, these can be found at universities everywhere. Students can also complete certifications and become accredited by the CIDA. Before practicing, all interior designers, regardless of their field of study, will have to obtain a state license.