If you are a carpenter that is looking for a saw that could cut through several materials, including concrete, then a circular saw is what you need. A circular saw is an efficient tool that is an essential part of a carpenter’s life. They contribute to making straight lines that cannot be achieved by other power saws. This is detailed guided about circular saw.

Uses of a circular saw


  1. A circular saw is used to cut in straight linesThe circular movement of the blades enables the saw to cut material in straight lines. They are quite similar with track saws though the latter has an additional accessory called a track to ensure that the cut is perfectly straight. You can read more about the differences on Best of Machinery.

    2. A circular saw is used to cut through any material such as plastic, wood, and even metal.

    This is a versatile tool that can cut through almost any surface,e including concrete.

    3. The circular saw gives efficient, clean cuts.

    A circular saw is the best tool for clean, smooth cuts.

    4. The circular saws are used by carpenters and other people who work with wood.

    The power saw is essential for all carpenters to make clean cuts.

    5. The saw can be used professionally and for home use.

    Manufactures made a tool that can be used by a professional in the field and can be used by a dad building his children a cabinet.

    6. The saw is used to cut sturdy material

    The motion of the blades is vigorous and can cut through even the most robust surfaces.

    7. The saw is used to make bezel cuts

    If you love bezel cuts, then this is the tool for you.

What is a circular saw?


A circular saw is a saw that has harsh blades that move in a circular motion to create straight, precise lines. The saw can be held by hand or can be screwed on a table. Screwing the saw on the table creates more stability and gives more straight lines compared to when it is handheld. They are powered by electric power and need to be near a power source.

Frequently Asked Questions about circular saws

  • What can you use a circular saw for?
    The saw is used for cutting straight lines in wood, plastic, and metal. It can be used by carpenters to make the task of cutting straight wooden pieces easier.
  • Why does my circular saw keep stopping?
    There are various reasons why your saw keeps stopping. One of the reasons is using a blunt blade; the saw operates in a circular motion as it cuts through wood, a blunt blade will not cut through the material. Another reason is a blade that is not adequately tightened on the saw; the module will not cut through if it is not right. The other purpose is the way you hold your saw. If it is a handheld tool, it will require you to keep it in a specific manner without tilting it to the side because that can stop it. These problems arise mostly on handheld saws, those that are mounted on the table do not have as much difficulty to use; you only need to take care of the blade. Experts advise that you should install the saw to a table to avoid such inconveniences and to give more straight cuts.
  • What kind of cuts can a circular saw make?
    A circular saw makes bevel cuts. A bevel cut is one that is built on the edge of the wood pieces. It is not made vertical to the material’s top.
  • Why does my saw kickback?The saw kicking back happens when the blade gets stuck to the wood you are cutting or the material you sre cutting. To prevent kickback, you need to release the edge with the help of a knob acting as a trigger.

In conclusion, a circular saw is used for straight cuts. It can be used on different surfaces, making it a versatile tool and essential to all carpenters.