Before an exciting challenge in the escape room in Calgary, you have to decide which room to go to. Sometimes finding the actual destination is also a separate quest, but we will not help you because our rooms are easy to find. But to tell you how to choose a suitable escape room for you — no problem.

Select Genre

First, you need to decide if scary quests are right for you. If you are not a timid dozen and generally like thrills, pay attention to the room quest in the thriller genre. In them, the creators do not make it their primary task to scare you, but generously spice up the plot with impressive wow effects to maintain a tense atmosphere and dynamism of the game. Depending on the level of impact on the players and the room’s theme, an age limit of 14+ is possible.

Those who are confident in their resilience or are ready to be scared of screeching, quests in the genre of “horror” or very heavy artillery — a horror performance with an actor are suitable! Here, the balance between riddles and frightening elements can be somewhere in the middle or shifted towards fear. The performances with actors are engaging because, in a high-quality quest, this kind of interaction with a character is a prerequisite for the maximum range of impressions received and the successful completion of the game.

If you prefer classic quests, where nothing distracts you from solving puzzles, choose a neutral theme. These rooms are good for family outings, are suitable for teenagers, and are an excellent choice for newbies who are not tempted by the idea of being scared.

What Else to Pay Attention to?

Having decided on the level of the “scary” room that suits you, do not forget to pay attention to the level of difficulty declared in it, the allowed number of players, and possible age restrictions. Also, location is an essential factor if you are limited in time or can move.

For those looking for a quest for a large company, the advantage will be the presence of several rooms at the location so that everyone can play simultaneously. Here you can comfortably celebrate a birthday, hold a corporate party, or continue the evening with your cheerful company.

And of course, don’t forget your intuition! She will push you towards your quest!