If you are wondering how to wash your windows like a pro then this article has got you covered. Learn how to get sparkling, crystal clear windows. These streak free results will leave you astounded. If you have been cleaning your windows with the same old paper towels and spray bottle then now is the time to turn towards squeegee as it provides far better results. This equipment is sure to help you with simple and clear steps.

Ask for the right equipements from commercial window cleaning

If you want to own a high cleaning window then get quality tools. You can ask commercial window cleaning services for the proper equipment inorder to make your windows look new. The best thing about this window cleaning process is that you do not need any expensive setup. This window washing equipment is durable and lasts longer. All you need are the basic equipment like a bucket, liquid, and scrubber. Grab spare small towels for assistance. If you want to keep your squeegee maintained then Fitbit with a new sharp rubber blade.

Maintain the blades of equipement

Many people do not pay attention to changing the blades of the squeegee. There is no doubt that commercial window cleaning services maintain all their tools. So, you need to change the blades because there is a high probability of getting the blades rounded over with time. With nicked bladed you can not achieve sparkling windows as the edge will leave the streaks. To keep your blades in order, remember to store them properly without disturbing the edges.

Sponge vs scrub

You might question whether the sponge fits the better or scrub then the choice is up to you. According to commercial window cleaning services, scrubbers work better if you own large or medium glass panes.

Master the squeegee method

Now that you know about the usage of this equipment, it is worthwhile to look at the squeegee method. If you are wondering how to make the best window cleaning solution then just grab a couple of gallons of water and mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. It is that simple. You might have heard of several people referring to vinegar and water mixture but this would not make much of a difference if you are going for a squeegee method.

Steps for cleaning like commercial window cleaning

Now let’s dig into step 1 of cleaning the windows. All you need to do is dip the scrubber into the bucket. After the dip, squeeze the excess liquid. Now, take the aid of a ladder to continue the cleaning process. Secondly, get started with the scrubbing process. When scrubbing the glass, just make sure to work at all the angles. By rotating the scrubber at different angles, you will be able to hit the edges and cover every inch. As far as the strokes are concerned then you can move the squeeze vertically as well as the horizontally. You can tip the squeegee to ensure the corner touches the glass. Next, you need to slap the squeegee blade against the upper corner of the glass. While you are pressing the blade, make sure that you drag it carefully across the whole window. The best tip by commercial window cleaning services is to keep the top part of the squeegee in contact with the top corner of the dirty window. Now wipe the squeegee.