A kid’s bedroom should be a healthy and we-balanced environment for playing, enjoying, learning, and most importantly for sleeping. Good quality sleep is essential for everyone to lead a healthy life. Infants, toddlers, and children need more sleep than an average adult for their faster mental and physical development. They require an adequate amount of sleep to have better attention, good behavior, improved learning, sharp memory, and physical growth. Inadequate sleep is going to have adverse effects on their mental and physical health.

The recommended number of hours varies as a kid grows, here is the list for recommended hours of good quality sleep required for your kid

  • Infants (0-1 year old): 12-16 hours
  • Toddlers (1-2 years old): 11-14 hours
  • Children (3-5 years old): 10-13 hours
  • Children (6-12 years old): 9-12 hours
  • Teenagers (13-18 years old): 8-10 hours

As a parent, you should ensure that your kid gets an adequate amount of good quality sleep daily, for that you need to ensure that the bedroom is conducive to sleep.

Here are 5 ideas to create a kid-friendly bedroom:

Paint and Decorate


You should paint your kid’s bedroom in the shades of blue or pink. These colors are known to be good for inducing good quality sleep. These colors help in soothing the nerves of your kid, they should help your kid to relax and sleep better.

Also, you should decorate walls with photos of their beloved ones, birds, animals, cartoon characters, etc. This is going to help your kid sleep better as kids feel safe and relaxed in their presence.

The Perfect Bed

Having a blanket, or a stuffed animal soft toy to sleep along with the smaller kid should help them feel good and comfortable and help them to drift off to sleep.

For your kid to sleep independently through the night, their bed should feel welcoming to them by being comfortable and cozy. The mattress should be the best one that is soft and comfortable, supports their body, stays cool through the night, and doesn’t make them sweaty while they are asleep. The pillow should be of right size and softness, bedsheets and blankets should be cozy. If you look for a great source of high-quality bedding products and advice for your kid, don’t forget to check out Sleepstandards.com.

Dark Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom is going to set the tone for the sleep-cycle of your kid. For the recommended hours of good quality sleep for your kid, the bedroom should be made dark. You should ensure that the bedroom doesn’t have outside lights peeping in that would result in disturbing your kid’s sleep-cycle. You should have dark blinds or heavy curtains to cover the windows so that your kid sleeps soundly through the night.

However, you should allow the natural sunlight in during the day to encourage a happy mood when your child is awake.

You should add a night bulb that emits red or pink light and avoid other color night bulbs.

You should enforce no-screen-time in bedroom rule to safeguard them from the blue light of bright screens of electronic gadgets that may become a hindrance in getting good quality sleep.

Insulate Unwanted Noise

You should ensure that the bedroom has good insulation inside the walls to keep the outside unwanted noise away.

You should also have a wooden floor with carpet or rugs, heavy curtains should also help in shielding your kid from outside noise.

You should add a white noise sound machine to play the soothing tunes in the background to keep unwanted noise away.

Manage Storage and Position Furniture wisely


You should ensure that your kid’s bedroom is free of clutter and is neat and clean. Your kid’s bedroom may have a lot of stuff lying around like toys, or homework materials, or even clothes. You should ensure that toys are kept in their boxes or cupboards, clothes in cupboards or drawers, homework material in a school bag or desk before bedtime. These articles lying around are going to simulate them by thinking of the associated activities and may result in having an adverse effect on their sleep.

Also, the furniture like beds, cupboards, drawers, desk, etc should be positioned properly so that to avoid your kid getting hurt.


A kid’s bedroom should be a place for relaxation. Your kid’s bedroom should be a welcoming one so that your kid feels safe and secure in it and can achieve recommended hours of good quality sleep. An adequate hour of good quality sleep is a must for their mental and physical growth and well-being.