Yurts are not a new invention as they have been in use for about three thousand years in Central Asia. A yurt is a circular, portable, semi-permanent structure supported with wood or bamboo. Traditionally yurts were used by nomads as they moved frequently. Still, in the modern world, yurts are standard in campgrounds and individuals living off the grid in semi-permanent to permanent structures.

Modern yurts have wooden structures, and their finishing done with metal or wooden framing, tarp or canvas, plexiglass dome radiant insulation, or wire rope, depending on the client’s request. A yurt kit is a collection of the parts needed to form the yurt. The yurts are structured so that you can dismantle the parts, transport them, and assemble them quickly.

10 Best Companies making Custom Yurts

If you are interested in getting a yurt for individual or commercial purposes, here are some of the best companies that are making custom yurts:

Yurts of America

When searching for custom yurts at an affordable price, there is no better dealer than Yurts of America. In addition to the yurts’ design superior engineering, the structures are handcrafted by skilled personnel to fit the client’s needs.

The materials used are high quality, making the yurts durable irrespective of the weather and climate changes. In addition, the yurts have added upgrades like strength, structural integrity, and the outdoor fabrics can withstand the elements.

Yurts of America works closely with campground owners to aid in the restoration of the campsite by creating unique luxurious accommodation to keep campers comfortable.

They also work with individuals interested in custom yurts; the structures are engineered to the client’s expectations: a playhouse, guest room, outdoor studio, or spa enclosure.

Blue Ridge Yurts

The Blue Ridge Yurts is a Virginia-based company and one of the largest yurts companies east of Mississippi. This female-owned business makes custom yurts with walls approximately ten feet high and a diameter of 16 feet or 200 square feet.

This company will deliver custom yurts on time, and the structure will be ready for use within a day or two. Their costs begin at $7,445, depending on what the client desires.

Colorado Yurt Company

Colorado Yurt Company is known for its superb yurts. Their yurts have windows that allow natural light to enter the structure. The material used is thick acrylic, ultra-violet resistant, and can stand under any weather conditions.

The company also sells additional accessories to make the yurt even more comfortable, like a lifter to allow fresh air circulation and a bronze tint to keep the yurt cool. In addition, you can opt to add insulation during the cold season.

Freedom Yurt Cabins

Freedom Yurt Cabins makes yurts from the future using insulated wooden panels instead of a wooden lattice system. The strong walls are constructed to last longer and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

In addition, their yurts have double-hung glass windows, insulation, built-in floor covering, and a 360-degree dome lifter. The company creates modern structures with a couple of alterations, like they don’t use collapsible wood frames as they tend to wear out quickly and mice can chew through them.

Pacific Yurts, Inc.

Pacific Yurts is a trustable company that has been in business for four decades now. Their yurts are suitable for mild climates as they use solid wood in the yurt structure. In addition, the company is committed to using environmentally friendly products.

The yurt kits from Pacific Yurts come with a detailed instruction manual for easy self-installation. Purchasing their yurt kits allows you to customize your yurt as you like. Some structural upgrades on the yurt kit include a gutter system, snow and wind kits, and energy-efficient glass windows.   

Rainier Yurts

Since 1896, Rainier Yurts has been supplying clients with custom-made yurts made of high-quality material. Their yurts material is strong lattice and structural textiles, making them survive the elements.

In addition, the company makes it possible for their clients to personalize their yurts with electricity, plumbing, cooling and heating system, room divider, and a loft. If you like, they can also incorporate a bathroom and a kitchen in your yurt. Rainier Outdoor can make yurts with a height of 24 feet or 452 square feet at a price of up to $23,225.

Yurts by Design

Yurts by Design is a Canadian-based company known to make yurts with ecologically friendly lumber. Their building materials are not only environmentally friendly but also sustainable. The top and side covers that accompany these yurts come with a 10-year pro-rated warranty. In addition, the customized yurts come with lofts and wood stoves, among other upgrades. 

California Round House

California Round House is the guru when it comes to yurt kits. Instead of offering yurt kits that can be ordered and assembled, they provide custom yurt-style dwellings made of wood and other modern building materials, such as concrete.

As a result, you get to enjoy a significant amount of living space constructed by professional contractors who adhere to the set construction codes. They customize anything from adorable tiny homes to magnificent yurt-based palaces with numerous stories, greenhouses, and integrated wine storage.

Smiling Wood Yurt

Smiling Wood Yurt works under the principle that a yurt doesn’t have to be portable to be helpful. With this in mind, their yurts are permanent structures constructed with a concrete slab. Their yurt kits come with the materials you’ll require to assemble the small shed from the ground up.

The package is inclusive of windows, a roof installation kit, and a door. However, the package doesn’t include insulation and flooring. With the assistance of a designer, it takes clients roughly three-seven weeks to get the job done. 

Shelter Design Yurts

Shelter Design Yurts is a Montana-based company famous for manufacturing handcrafted yurts customized to meet specific needs. Smaller yurts models take their staff two to three days, while the larger models take longer depending on the client’s request. Their yurts are about 12 feet in diameter or 217 square feet, and they will cost you anything above $6,650.