It’s important to stay up-to-date with your interior decor. Here are some fun and trendy floor rugs from Mackay that we recommend you to style your room around.

You purchased a home with hardwood floors throughout, mainly for the increased home value. Also, hardwood floors are easy to maintain.

But now it’s time to make your house into a home, and a quick way to add a level of comfort is by investing in some trendy rugs. Spruce up your beautiful bare floors with some stylish floor art, and enjoy the atmospheric blend.

Bold Blocky Graphics

It’s official: Solid geometric prints are in style. They’re bolstered by bold colors such as magenta and light green.

These types of rugs are currently trending because they’re surprisingly versatile. Loud geometric patterns can reflect a fun ambiance in a room with lighthearted decor, or they can serve as a contrast for an otherwise minimalist space.
Bold Blocky Graphics
Whichever way you choose to use them, rugs with graphic prints are in style and here to stay.

Layered Trendy Rugs

Don’t limit your flooring to just one rug at a time. If you can’t decide what style of carpet you want to experiment with, tag along with the layering trend.

Layering rugs is especially effective when you merge two very different textures. For instance, the bottom rug should be thinner, coarser carpeting such as a jute rug. The top layer should be a plush rug, such as a thickly-woven Moroccan rug.

Layered rugs create a luxuriant and lush atmosphere in your living room. Imagine your friends admiring your plush overlay against a sensible, earth-tone background.

Timeless Orientals

Oriental rugs aren’t a new trend, but they are timeless. It’s so common to see a pile-woven blend of silk, wool, and cotton adorning the floor of a middle-class living room.
Timeless Orientals
If you’re planning on buying an oriental rug, do some research on the type of rug that will work best in the area it’s meant for. For instance, oriental rugs are made to be thin, with a flat weave, or they can be constructed with a thick pile-weave.

If you want an area rug for the center of a guestroom that won’t receive much traffic, buy a plush pile-weave rug. For a more practical option that’s easier to maintain and more durable under the feet, go for a flat-woven rug.

Furs And Skins

If you’re dreaming of sinking your toes into a soft, warm floor surface before crawling into bed, invest in an animal fur or skin rug.

Fur floor throws and sheepskin rugs are trending in today’s bedrooms. They are often used in rooms where the foot traffic isn’t constant and where they could be maintained easily.

If real sheepskin does not mesh with your eco-friendly line of thinking, you can always purchase a faux animal skin rug.

Fun Fringes And Tassels

Do you want an area rug for the sole purpose of adding a little character to a living space?

If your idea of character is fun and playful, consider a rug with fringes. Tassels, braids, and fringes are in today’s top rug trends.
Fun Fringes And Tassels
You can purchase a fringed rug for any area in your home. (Yes, this includes your kitchen).

Fringes can even help you repurpose an old rug. You can drop a good bit of change on a vintage area rug with distressed edges. Then again, maybe it’s time to restyle that old rug hidden in the back of your closet, simply by fraying the edges.

Need More Redecorating Tips?

Redecorating your home is never easy. If you want more ideas to pair with these trendy rugs, visit our blog frequently for more tips and tricks. We want to help you make your home as presentable and stylish as you want it to be.