There are small changes anyone can make to their front yard to boost curb appeal. Dare to stand out from your neighbors with these front yard landscape ideas.

Giving your house some curb appeal with great landscaping can do wonders for resale.

Have you ever driven by a stunning house that’s been brought down because of shoddy landscaping or an unkempt front yard? Maybe you feel that way about your own front yard and maybe that’s why it’s hard to sell.

In this post, we’re going to give you some front yard landscape ideas to inspire your creativity so you can provide it with the makeover that’ll take it off the market.

It can be hard to plan and maintain landscaping in your front yard, but giving it some thought and care can take the look of your home to a completely new level. Let’s get your house sold.

Front Yard Landscape Ideas to Transform Your Curb Appeal

Great landscaping is proven to increase the value of a home and decrease the amount of time it takes to sell. Make sure that you get in touch with a great landscaper like Sergio’s Lawn Services to come up with a plan for your yard and you’ll be ready to sell in no time.
Front Yard Landscape Ideas to Transform Your Curb Appeal
Try out some of these landscaping ideas and find that buyer ASAP.

Match With Your House

One of the big mistakes that people make with landscaping is forgetting about their house. If your landscaping only takes into account the size and shape of the lawn, then you’re neglecting the real reason you’re doing the landscaping, which is to make a picturesque view of your entire front yard, including the house.

Stand at the road and look at the whole picture. Work with your landscaper to create a yard that complements your house instead of clashes with it.

Hard Elements

One of the things that’ll bring up the curb appeal and value of your home is what’s known as “hardscaping”. Use walking paths, benches, and raised beds to create a platform for your shrubs and perennials.
Hard Elements
Creating seclusion with attractive elements in your front yard will increase interest and help you make a faster sale.

Colorful Flower Beds

Again, what your house looks like has to be taken into consideration, but who doesn’t like a little bit of color? You can bring your color wheel with you to the nursery to help you pick out plants that are going to match.

If you’ve got a red brick house, for example, you might want to go with a lot of greens with the odd yellow or blue. A house with blue siding might want to focus on purple, pink, yellow, and white flowers to give it a sense of calm.

Low Maintenance Garden

Keep it low maintenance. Most people love the look of a front garden, but when push comes to shove, don’t have the willpower to maintain it in the long run. Those people know who they are and will be incentivized by something easy to take care of.

Make sure you don’t use plants that create natural litter and stay away from huge flower beds that look daunting to maintain.

Get Ready for the Sale

Get Ready for the Sale
Use these front yard landscape ideas to make your house more attractive to buyers. Selling a house is hard enough, don’t make it harder by neglecting your front yard. Call a landscaper today and formulate a plan that will work.

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