Most of us would agree that our favorite part of the house is our bedroom. It is where we comfortably sleep at night and do our first routine upon waking up in the morning. Most of our well-loved items are in the bedroom which is why some people aren’t allowed to just go inside our bedroom without consent. While some might not be willing to show your bedroom to guests for privacy reasons, others would love to take a selfie with their bedroom in the background. 

The bedroom can also express your personality through its design, as well as furniture pieces and decors you place in the area. Whether it is for comfort or aesthetic reasons, here are some decor ideas that you would love to spruce up your bedroom:

Layer Your Lighting

Aside from the ceiling lights, you can consider layering the lights on your bedroom by adding wall lights or pendant lights. Wall lights can spotlight your favorite art decoration or framed photos on the wall. Pendant lights are usually put on both sides of the bed which can light your bed enough and can be an alternative for a bedside lamp. 

Floor lamps are also a great addition to your room lighting and can be a good replacement for a nightstand. 

Add New Pieces of Furniture

If you have a budget and you still have enough space, adding new bedroom furniture is satisfying, not only to your eyes but also in maximizing the space and functionality of your bedroom. If you have a large space, why not replace your bed with a bigger one or add a cozy and comfortable sofa? 

You could also add a drawer bedside, a fabric footstool, and a sliding wardrobe. An instagrammable dresser with a mirror would also be great especially for aspiring vloggers. A sliding wardrobe is also a good option to put your clothes and other essential items for a less cluttered and more spacious look. 

Design Your Wall

Your imagination is the only limit when decorating your bedroom. Adding decals or stickers to your wall is the most convenient and fun way to express your creativity. You may buy your desired stickers or just cut out art papers in different shapes, patterns, or designs and glue them to your wall. Just be careful not to overdo it so it won’t look messy. You can also try repainting the walls with colors that are pleasing to the eyes. 

Add Photo Frames

If you do not want to create your decals, you can create photo frames instead and put them on your bedroom wall. Add one or two framed photos or artworks and arrange them on your wall in a creative way. You can follow a pattern or a theme so it can attract others’ attention at first glance.

Add Plants

If you’re into gardening, it would not be hard to convince you to add a few small plants to your bedroom. Eco or traditional-style houses used to have different indoor plants. Some studies found out that indoor plants help reduce stress levels, help you sleep better at night, and add air quality to the room. Aside from that, flowering plants can be a pretty house decor and can make your room fragrant.