The way you choose to design your home is very personal. Every person has unique preferences and tastes when it comes to style. However, if you insist on adding a dash of luxury to your home, you will need to make it look extravagant and abundant. Several specific items allow your house to project that level of luxury. 

The epitome of a luxurious home isn’t only a well-appointed house. Instead, for a home to feel luxurious, the owner needs to feel spoiled or lavished upon it. Think about royal families, extreme extravagance and self-love. A luxury house should make you feel like a reign enjoying your extravagant palace.

The word luxury makes you think about various conveniences like saunas, pools, home gyms and backyard golf courts. But, what are the specific items that luxurious homes always have? 

Here are five must-have items in any luxury home, listed in no particular order: 

Sophisticated Technology

It’s impossible to ignore the ever-developing high-tech innovations. Today’s luxury homeowners want all of it when it comes to sophisticated technology. Moreover, home builders and professional architects that include the newest tech innovations are at the top of the real estate game worldwide. 

You can now lock your doors, control the lights, the alarm system, even the music surround system with just a touch of a button on your phone. Moreover, you can do it from across the country or while you’re on the other side of the world. Every luxury home buyer is looking for innovative technology and all its features. 

Architects who include high-end wireless technology in luxury homes have great success catering to the wishes of luxury homebuyers. 

At the same time, homeowners have become increasingly aware of the importance of their environmental imprint. They are looking for homes with high-end technology, but they also want old reclaimed materials like wood flooring, doors, and beams. 

Open Space

A home cannot look luxurious unless there is a grand entrance, a prominent two-story staircase, and lots of open space. Moreover, an open floor plan has been the primary criteria for luxury homes since 2013. 

One of the most effective ways of achieving luxury is by creating open space. Sometimes it’s as easy as decluttering and getting rid of all the extra stuff around your home you never use. Rearranging your home to create extra space will give you the luxurious feel every extravagant home needs. 

King and Queen Bedroom 

Luxury shouldn’t stop when you cross the doors of the most private space in the house-the bedroom. Moreover, extravagance and luxury in the resting area are an absolute must if you want your home to feel abundant. 

The bedroom needs to be an ample open space with plenty of charming seat areas and a massive king-size bed. High-end technology is also a must in private rooms, including built-in automation systems for remote control of the window shades, the lights, the AC, and more. 

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

When it comes to luxury homes, an indoor kitchen isn’t enough, no matter how heavily stacked it is. Wealthy home buyers now want the comfort of an outdoor kitchen and dining area. They want to dine in the open, by the pool, they want to prepare their meals in built-in gas grills. They want it all – a small fridge to stack everything and an elegant patio for enjoying their meals. Luxury owners always wish to have the possibility of throwing a lunch or a party in their yard. 

The leisure life nowadays is moving out of house walls and spending a significant part of your time outside in the open. It’s precisely what wealthy homeowners seek. 

Game & Theatre Room

Gaming and theatre rooms may be old news, but they’re still goodies necessary for luxury living. Everyone already knows that a million-dollar home has to have a game room and an in-home theater. Some extravagant homeowners take it a step further by including indoor basketball courts and great sport bar setups in their yards. 

The more unique their structure is, the better. Ultimately, the main goal of creating an abundant playtime space is to allow the owner to have all the fun they need without leaving the comfort of their home. Everything is right there anytime they need it.  


Your vision of a luxury home may vary from other people’s version of extravagance, and that’s perfectly normal. However, there is no arguing that a home cannot be seen as luxurious unless it features the most recent comforts, amenities, and most sophisticated technological innovations. 

If you want to make your home feel more luxurious, keep this list in mind when you talk to your home builder when you go shopping for a new home. It will help you build or create your perfect luxurious sanctuary.