Summer is fast approaching and, if you’re green-fingered, you’ll be itching to make sure your garden’s geared up for the season.

With everything in order, your outdoor space will double as a superb outdoor social area where you welcome friends and family for barbecues, sunbathing and sundowner cocktails.

If your prep’s slightly behind schedule, don’t worry – you can get on track with a few smart purchases.
With that in mind, here are five must-have products for your summer garden.

Garden furniture

Garden Furniture
If you don’t yet have anywhere for summer garden guests to perch their posteriors, or your existing setup is a little tired and tawdry, now’s the time to order a replacement.

And buying a garden sofa set from a firm like Bridgman is a worthwhile investment, because their high quality products are made from rattan, teak, aluminum or resin – so you can choose the construction material that meets your requirements for style, comfort and durability.


If the grass is greener on the other side of your garden fence, while yours is scorched and sunburned, remedy the situation by ordering a newly grown lawn from a firm like Fresh Turf.

This specialist South Brent company can supply you with a brand new lawn ready to lounge in and they deliver nationwide – see their website for details.

Pizza oven

Pizza oven
A gas barbecue is pretty swish, but it looks bog standard next to splashing out on a pizza oven from a niche supplier like The Pizza Oven Shop.

Imagine how satisfied guests will be when you serve them up slices of Hawaiian, pepperoni, chicken supreme and spicy Mexican pizza. You’ll soon be the toast of the neighbourhood and the talk of the town – and as party food, fresh oven-baked pizza beats burned burgers and hot dogs hands down.

Hose sprinkler

With your verdant new lawn in place, you’ll need to ensure it’s hydrated so that it looks sumptuous all summer long.

And if it’s dry, that means perpetual patrols with your watering can – unless you automate the process by buying a lawn sprinkler. There are many to choose from, but thanks to its high precision brass nozzle and pulsating sprinkler head, the Impulse 360° from Screwfix fits the bill perfectly.


Last but not least, you might want to ensure guests don’t trample your new lawn with mucky shoes and that they don’t trail dirt and detritus indoors when they need to use the loo.

Ordering tough mats from a supplier like Kleen-Tex serves this twin purpose down to a tee, and you can even customise your purchases with a cheeky personalised message that humorously reinforces your home hygiene code.

Find these five must-buy products online today and you’ll be perfectly prepped for high jinks during long, hot summer nights.

Have we missed any must-have summer garden products? Share your tips in the comments section.