Why should you take advantage of proven ways to upgrade or complete bedroom makeover on a budget? Because you spend more time in your room than any other place in your home. When you want to be alone, to have some peace and quiet, the bedroom is your go to. It’s where you retire after a long day.
Given its importance in the home, it ought to be a comfortable retreat for you.
Out of the blue, you may feel the need to change the look of your bedroom. It could because of the stains on the wall or that the wall’s paint’s become revolting to your senses. Now’s the time for an upgrade. Change is, after all, constant. If you’re seeking to upgrade your bedroom while on a budget, this article is for you.

Here are 5 ways you can upgrade your bedroom on a budget;

1. Declutter the Room

Before you add any new design or ideas, you need to declutter the room and give it a thorough clean, sift through your closet, remove clothes that you’ve got no need for. Send them to charity or bin them if they look unpresentable. If you can’t afford to give them away, try setting up a garage sale. This way, you’ll make some money for your bedroom upgrade, while making room for new things in the bedroom.
What about your documents and books? Arrange them accordingly, sift through old files, and who knows, you might find something you’ve been searching for, for a long time. Arrange them neatly, either chronologically or alphabetically, whatever works best for you.
Declutter the Room
Decluttering will lighten up the room and have it ready for a new look.

2. Rearrange Furniture and Artwork

Move things around in the bedroom. Get your creative mojo on. Move the bed around – have it face the window, so you can catch beautiful sunrises. You can move your reading table to a different position as well, reorganize your shoe racks and cabinets, and swap the position of your dressing table and sofa.

You’ll find that rearranging furniture will give you space you didn’t know you had. If you wish to buy new furniture, you can find matching sets at clearance sales and even purchase multipurpose ones to serve you better, for instance, foldable sofa beds. If you have artworks, reposition them as well and if affordable, try changing the frames of your furniture and artworks before repositioning.

3. Apply Fresh Paint/Wallpapers

What’s an upgrade without a splash of color! You can give your room a whole new look by giving it a paint job. You may choose to change the color or keep the previous one, either way, as long as it’s new, the change will be evident and pleasing to the eye.

To save cost, you should get a friend who can help out over the weekend, you get to spend time together while creating something fantastic. Two birds, one stone!
Apply Fresh PaintWallpapers
Depending on your budget, you can add wallpapers into the mix, keep the design/pattern simple, so it doesn’t bother you when it’s time to sleep. Remember to coordinate your colors while upgrading.

4. Get New Sheets and Curtains

We’ve decluttered the room, repositioned furniture, and improved our colors.

Now is the time to bring in new sheets and pillows. Getting new bedding will help you achieve an outstanding mood for your bedroom.

The bedding should match the theme you’ve chosen for your new room. Throw in a few furry pillows and see how attractive your bed becomes.

You can have your curtains cleaned and hung higher than before if it’s too expensive to change them, this will definitely improve its look and save you some money.

5. Flooring – New Rug

Don’t ignore your floor. It’s part of the room. Have the floor be a part of the upgrade by buying a new rug; one that’ll fit right in with the new colors of the room.
Flooring – New Rug
It could be a wool rug, silk, cotton, animal skin, jute or synthetic, whichever works for you. You don’t have to go overboard. You can get the right rug and at a very fair price to suit your room.
Besides the rug, you can also throw in a plant, if there’s space.

And there you have it; your upgraded bedroom.

Final Thoughts

The bedroom should be a cherished space. A place that reflects who you are. It should be a solace for you. You deserve to have an upgraded bedroom.

So stop procrastinating and worrying about the cost, you don’t have to break the bank to get that upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.

You just have to plan right and be patient. Equally, you don’t have to buy the most expensive things for it to be an upgrade, you just have to love the things you buy

Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.