Electrical switchboards are one of the most important items of your home since everyone is dependent on electricity for completing their daily tasks. These devices are necessary since they provide a route to get electricity to where you want it to go and provide the convenience that we are accustomed to by now. However, like nearly everything in the world, electric switchboards do get degraded as time passes by now and needs to be changed to ensure the smooth inflow of electricity in your home. Old switchboards may get overwhelmed by the energy requirements of new technology such as lightings and appliances. Although new appliances are thought to be efficient it is a known fact that households are consuming more electricity each day so it is not a surprise that old switchboards need to be upgraded. Some of the signs that your switchboard needs to be upgraded are mentioned below.

1. Old house:


If your house is old, the wiring connection is not suitable to support the new appliances. Even if you hire a Glenco electrician for homeowners, you will likely have to call for maintenance every couple of years which will be expensive. In the past, a 60-ampere switchboard would do the job which is simply not possible in the current times since many devices require a single or three-phase 80 ampere which is now normally the standard. Although your panel should show the specifications but better ask for an electrician to take a look if you are not sure.

2. Improper functioning of appliances:

Ever wondered why the vacuum cleaner that you bought is not functioning properly despite you buying it recently. Before you go and call the shop asking for insurance, it will be better to check whether the device is getting the right amount of current or not. Many new devices often are unable to get the required energy because the switchboards are old hence they are not able to function properly. A few signs that the switchboard is getting overburdened are the appliances cutting out, lights flickering while in many cases, the switchboard starts getting melt due to overheating. If you regularly notice that the switchboard is not able to keep up with the devices, it means that it requires to be upgraded.

3.Use of fuse instead of a breaker:


Many homes were built with fuses in the 70s and 80s which although function the same as a circuit breaker and protect your home from electric surges but they are prone to melting and blowing which can result in short-circuiting and fire in some cases. Although fuse based systems were adequate for homes built fifty years ago but can easily become overloaded in the modern era due to the daily energy requirements. If your house is still functioning on the fused based system, you should ask an electrician to install the circuit breaker system to your house so that it is safe and chances of accidents are decreased.

4. Tripping of breakers:


If you have circuit breakers installed in your house but are troubled to find out that they are constantly tripping then you should get your switchboard checked. Circuit breakers are designed to trip so that they can protect your system from dangerous surges in the electric current but constant tripping is not a good sign. It may mean that your switchboard is not able to cope up with the current which may result in the constant tripping of your breakers and may cause issues for you later. Ask an electrician to come and check your switchboard and see whether it needs to be upgraded or not.

5. Renovations:

If you are renovating your house, you need to make sure that your electrical switchboard can handle any new changes which have been made to the circuit. Another thing to note is that if any new devices that you have bought may burden the switchboard and cause it to overload. Remember that upgrading your switchboard is not for convenience but keeps your safety in mind and it should not be taken lightly. Ask the electrician whether the switchboard needs to be changed while he is setting up the electric system inside your house so that it is updated timely and you do not have to face inconvenience later on which is a common problem that everyone faces.


To summarize, I would like to stress that switchboards are an important aspect of your house which you should not take lightly and keep it updated to meet the energy requirements of your house. Many new devices are not compatible with old switchboards which results in either the device not functioning properly or the switchboard end up getting overload. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so to prevent any mishap make sure that your switchboard is properly maintained and there are no issues with it which will come to haunt you later on.