5 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Rental Apartment

When you are living in a rented place, it is hard to make it feel like your own home. You may not have the full autonomy to decorate the apartment as per your taste or preferences. As such, it is always recommended to pick rental property wisely & carefully. 

Consider the neighborhood, apartment condition, amenities, budget, etc. when filtering locations or places for getting an apartment on rent. You can do online research to get a list of vacant residential apartments in good conditions with affordable rentals

Once you have found a nice rental place, it’s time to decorate. Read the article further for a few easy and genuine tips. 

Work On Walls

Walls are the focal points of rooms. You can do a lot of fun and colorful things on walls to make your rental apartment look amazing. Do you know that there are certain things that you can do on walls without even getting permission from your landlord! 

For instance, as per the rental agreement, you are allowed to paint the walls of your rental apartment. However, you might have to paint them back to their original look or color before moving out. 

Other than painting the walls, you can also use light wallpapers or hang some amazing paintings on the walls to enhance the interior of your apartment. These options are best suited when you have a long-term rental agreement with your landlord.

Plants, Plants, and Plants

It would be appropriate here to mention that plants are the easiest and cheapest way to make your rental apartment look great. Plants are a sure way to freshen up the entire look of your space without even doing too much. 

You can use a variety of indoor plants like money plants, Swiss Cheese plants, cactus, etc. You can even plant aloe Vera in small pots and place them in your bathrooms or kitchens. Adding a touch of greenery will make the air clean inside your place. Besides, plants are low-cost ornaments that can surely be a suitable alternative to expensive decorative pieces. 

Use Area Rugs

You can invest in traditional or contemporary rugs (depending on your personal preferences) to make your rental apartment look striking without even doing much. Adding rugs to different areas like the side of the bathrooms, the center of the living room, side of the dressing table, etc. can add a splash of colors to your entire rental place. Rugs can also make your space cozy and comfortable. 

Instead of picking expensive rugs, you can also choose to put down the whole carpet if the floors of your rental apartment are messy looking or uneven. The choice is totally yours depending on your preferences, budget, and rental apartment condition. 

Use Bookcases

Use bookcases as a focal point if you are not up to investing in expensive decoration pieces, wall paintings, handicrafts, etc. It is best to use bookcases instead of shelves as these can be less costly and easy to install. For shelves, you will need to make holes in the walls that can be tricky or complex when it comes to getting permission from the landlord. 

Beautifully designed bookcases can cover the entire wall and make creative storage spaces. You cannot only place your books to fill the bookcases, but you can also use little pots of artificial plants, some art pieces, ornaments, or even grab a few cheap knick-knacks to place inside the bookcases.

Use Lights

Perhaps, you already know that lighting can make your space look good in no time. Lighting is everything when it comes to decorating your rental apartment. Bad lighting can make your rented place look worse, dingy, and small. 

When moving into your new apartment, make sure to combat the place by filling it with ambient lighting. You can use fancy lights on the ceiling, fairy lights on walls or interior, lamps on the side of tables, or even place scented candles. Lighting will entirely change the game of your rented space.