People only tend to concentrate on other causes of sleeplessness such as diet, reducing stress, maintaining sleep schedules and others. Very few remember about the mattress yet it is where we spend one-third of our lives on. Recent studies have revealed the quality of your sleep is highly affected by the mattress you are sleeping on.

Sleep is crucial to your life quality. This is the time that your body goes through the rejuvenation process so as to regain energy for the following day. You deserve a good night sleep and you don’t have to wait until the situation is worse for you to take an action. If you suspect that the mattress you sleep on is delivering you less comfy sleep then it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Signs That You Need to Change Your Mattresses

You Wake Up In Pain

You Wake Up In Pain
As you continue using your mattress, it begins to sag at the center. It gets uneven and so your body will not be level when sleeping. This makes you wake up with back pain and muscle pain. The sagging mattress does not provide the required support to the spine. Poor posture is associated with pain and can also lead to a long-term effect on health. Sleeping time may not seem to be that much but exposing your body to 8 hours of stress everyday will gradually harm you, so it is important to replace the mattress as soon you start feeling pain.

You Turn and Toss all Night

Most people will tend to turn as they seek for a comfortable position on their mattress. This is due to the uneven mattress and you can take hours to find a right position. This will reduce the hours you need to sleep and you will definitely not have enough sleep. This is another sign that you require another mattress for better sleep.

You Wake Up Feeling Tired

You Wake Up Feeling Tired
If you are maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and you have a good sleeping routine, then you should wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. If that is not the case, then you ought to blame your mattress for tiredness in the morning. This shows that your mattress might be uneven, firm, or too soft. This causes your body to be in a wrong position all night and therefore you wake up feeling tired. You need to get a comfy mattress made from comfortable materials such as memory foams.

When You Wake Up and Can’t Get Back To Sleeping

You might have experienced cases whereby you wake up at night and you can‘t regain your sleep again. This is a clear indication that your mattress is not comfortable enough. This causes pressure on soldiers, hips and inadequate support and these make it hard to fall back asleep again.

You Experience Allergic Symptoms

Sick woman
As your mattress ages, it collects dead skin, body oils, and other particles. Dust mites might find their way in your mattress and this can cause allergy. This will lead to sneezing, running nose, coughing and other symptoms.

If the entire above are familiar to you, then this is the time to replace your mattress. Visit your nearest store for a new one or Purchase a mattress online.