Have you thought of decorating your home with mirrors? It’s a hot new trend that’s creating stunning results. These 8 mirror decor tips will help you do right.

When you decorate with mirrors, the possibilities are endless. You can use mirror decor to open up your space, reflect light, or simply make a room look larger.

Before you go hanging up mirrors left and right until your home resembles a disco ball, keep reading to uncover eight easy to follow tips on decorating with mirrors.

1. Consider the Reflection with Mirror Decor

Before you hang up any mirrors, look at what would be across from the mirror. Often we’ll hang a mirror because there’s space on the wall, but you should also consider what your mirror is reflecting.

Hanging a mirror across from a painting, piece of furniture or architectural element will give that piece even more importance. The same goes if you hang that mirror across from something unattractive, like a dirty laundry hamper.
Consider the Reflection with Mirror Decor
If you can, aim to hang your mirrors across a window, as this increases the amount of light in your room. You can also place your mirror near candles or lamps, so when those are burning or on, its light will reflect as well.

2. Placement Matters

In addition to putting your mirror across from something visually sound, you also want to make sure the mirror is hung at the right height for your space. While you always want art to be eye level, when it comes to mirrors, you can manipulate the height based on what you want to be reflected.

Eye-level might work in most cases for mirrors, but know that so does lower or higher, depending on the look you want to achieve.

You can also place a full-size mirror on a tilt so it creates a dramatic statement in a small space such as in a bedroom, living room, or at the end of a hallway. Also, using a mirror in your entryway is a great way to make your home feel open and welcoming while reflecting some much needed natural light.

3. Think Big

You can use a large mirror in a small space, trust us. Mirrors provide the illusion of space and depth, so a large mirror can make your small room actually feel bigger. Consider leaning a full-length mirror against a wall in a tiny room or narrow hallway.

Another way to utilize a large mirror is above a fireplace in a neutral living room. A towering fireplace made from stacked stones would work nicely with a big dramatic mirror that follows the mantel to the ceiling.

You can even make a mirror take up an entire wall in a tight space with a cut to size mirrors.

4. Create a Focal Point

Another way to decorate with mirrors is to use them as focal points. This is often why you will see a mirror above a mantel or dining room buffet. You can also try hanging sconces on either side of a mirror to get the perfect focal point in any room.
Create a Focal Point
A striking sunburst mirror makes using a mirror as a focal point easy. These mirrors are the perfect statement piece for any room in your home. A simple large brass sunburst mirror can add much-needed brightness and texture to any space, or work as an art piece on a large wall.

5. Don’t Forget About Style

Your mirror can be traditional, classic, modern, edgy, or whatever your heart desires; it really depends on the frame you go with. Think about the effect you’re going for, and pick a frame style that complements that aesthetic.

For example, if your decor is modern, you’ll want to make sure your mirror’s frame is also modern. There’s also the style of the actual mirror. If you’re going for a more vintage look, you might consider a smokey glass or antique looking glass.

6. Hang Mirrors Properly

Don’t forget about hanging a mirror. In most cases, simply a hammer and nail won’t cut it.

You’ll need to use proper picture hanger or hooks at each end. These hangers and hooks will make sure your mirror is held flat to the wall.
If your mirror isn’t properly hung, and the mirror’s wire is hung on a single hook, this can be dangerous. Or if your mirror is hung on an angle, then the reflection can be distorted.

If you are having trouble hanging your mirror or it seems too heavy, don’t risk it – get your mirror or mirrors professionally hung. It’s better to pay to have a professional hang your mirror instead of you breaking your mirror or hurting yourself in the process.

7. Use Several Mirrors at Once

Another fun thing you can do with mirrors is to make a gallery wall with mirrors. This works the same as a photo wall, meaning you’ll want to treat your mirrors as one unit when you decide on the placement.
Use Several Mirrors at Once
Also, keep in mind, a mirrored gallery wall tends to look best in a room without clutter. This is because all the frames together will be visually busy, and if you add this to a small and cluttered room, this will be too much visually.

8. Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture has gone through a few periods of popularity. While it can be great for reflecting light and elongating walls, don’t use it in a room that has a lot going on. Similar to a mirror gallery wall in a busy room, the extra reflections from mirrored furniture will just be too much.

Instead, consider mirrored furniture over bulky pieces that add too much weight to space. A piece like a cabinet with mirrored doors can bring natural light into a dark corner of a room, making your space appear larger than it really is. You also don’t want all of your furniture in a room to be mirrored, so be selective about how you decorate with furniture that is mirrored.

Start Adding Mirrors To Your Home

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to mirror decor. Mirrors are a great way to add a dramatic effect, light, or simply to open up an otherwise cramped space.

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