These days, kids have a wide variety of options when it comes to toys. From fancy action figures to preschool toys, and some electronic/smart toys, the modern toy box can be a little cluttered. That’s why going with something simple like a multi part play couch is a good idea. Play couches are ideal for stoking the imagination, giving kids something to play with that is not a screen, and provide a conduit for stress relief. They also help teach social skills to an extent. Getting a multi piece play couch for your kids is a good idea during their formative years. Here are a few things to look for when selecting one.

How Many Pieces It Has

Imagination is essential for kids of all ages. It helps them develop social skills, learn about the world around them, inspire creativity, and so much more. When you’re in the market for a multi-piece play couch for the kids, it’s important to know how many pieces it’s going to have. The larger the number of pieces, the more fun ideas kids can realize when they’re playing with the couch. Most play couches max out at approximately six pieces of varying sizes. Pieces might be shaped like a roller or a trapezoid. Maybe one piece will be a large rectangle or square and another can be circular. These combinations when put together can create various other pieces of furniture like couches and chairs or help stoke the flames of imagination for structure your kids can dream up. Giving them the agency and ability to use their imaginations to maximum effect is a great way to help promote creativity within the home.

Contains No Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is pretty serious stuff. It’s ostensibly a colorless gas that has a very strong odor to it. It’s used in glues, particle boards, various building materials, fabrics, some insulation, and even in some furniture. It can find its way into a lot of different products and excessive exposure to it can be a cause for concern. It’s better to find something that’s naturally manufactured using organic cotton, wool, buckwheat, latex, or other natural materials. These materials come from the earth and are not only sustainable, they’re clean, comfortable, and efficient. The fewer chemicals, VOCs, and other potentially dangerous compounds used in the manufacturing of your furniture, the better.

Make Sure It’s Eco-friendly

Going hand in hand with ensuring there aren’t any dangerous compounds like formaldehyde in your furniture, you also want to be sure that your play couch is eco-friendly. It can be made from recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. Just look for the proper certifications before making a purchase. One of the leading companies that specializes in making eco-friendly furniture, Brentwood Home, is actually Climate Neutral Certified. Zero carbon emissions coupled with using totally renewable energy to manufacture products means everything they make is going to be friendly for the environment. When you’re shopping around for your children’s new play couch, they may be one of the best options to get something ideal for both your family and the environment too. 

Easy To Clean

There’s no getting around the fact that sometimes kids can be messy. Spilled drinks, food, or other messes can put a damper on things sometimes. When you want to maintain the use and quality of a fun sofa for kids, you’ll need something that’s easy to clean. Thankfully, the covers are usually removable and can be easily washed with cold water. You can also spot clean the upholstery as needed. For those times when it gets extremely dirty or grimy, simply machine wash and tumble dry any soiled components of the couch. Keeping the couch clean regularly should always be a priority, since your kids will probably be playing with it and using it quite regularly.

Available In Different Colors And Textures

When it comes to furniture, everyone loves different colors and textures. Soft cushions and various textures make these couches even more versatile. Brighter colors can be more fun for kids as well. Play couches are designed to offer amazing color options and variations. Beautiful azure blues, vibrant pinks, calming greens, delightful yellows, pleasant grays, and other color variations are all usually available when it comes to play couches. Whether you’re looking for a couch in your child’s favorite color or want something to match your home decor, there truly is something for everybody when it comes to multi part play couches.