When there are garage door broken cables it will stop functioning properly. In order for one of your garage door springs to snap, or the garage door cables aren’t in the right position and the spring fails to snap, the whole spring could fly through the garage roof and potentially injure someone. It can also potentially kill somebody. If this ever happens, you must have your garage door broken cables repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the worse from occurring.

Replace or Fix It?

You have two options for garage door broken cables, they are either replacing the cables, or fixing the problem yourself. With garage door repair kits, it’s easy to fix your broken garage door cables; all you really have to do is to follow the instructions that come with your garage door repair kit. If you want to save money however, you can replace the cables on your own.

Before you decide to replace the cables on your own, there are several things you should consider first. 

  • The first thing is the weight of the cables, since if they’re too heavy, or the wrong type of cables, you might not be able to replace them properly. 
  • Also, you should remember that garage door broken cables may be difficult to install, so you should use the appropriate power tools. 
  • Another thing you should consider before replacing the cables is the kind of garage door you have, because if you have an old garage door, you won’t find special cables to help you out.

If you think you’ll be able to replace your garage door broken cables on your own:

  • The first thing you should do is to get a pair of pliers and a pair of cable hooks. It might sound easy, but it can get tricky. For starters, you should never perform any installation tasks using the bare hands, as even a very small mistake could cause serious injury. This is why you should always use the proper equipment, like a power drill, screwdriver, and a pair of gloves. Most importantly, you should take your time with the installation process, because even a small mistake can lead to bigger problems, like a broken garage door cable, which would be really hard to fix.
  • The second thing you have to do when you want to replace your garage door broken cables is to disconnect the power from your garage door opener. In order to do this, you should first pull off the garage door’s remote control unit. You should do this carefully, because some remotes aren’t too easy to remove, while others are more complicated to pull off. Once you’ve successfully disconnected the unit, you should unplug it from the wall. Then, you should take the new cables and install them on the tracks of your garage.
  • Another thing you have to do when you want to replace your garage door broken cables is to secure them onto the tracks correctly. Before doing this, you should make sure that the wires are completely wrapped around the garage door. Once you’ve done that, you should screw the new cables into place, using the screws provided with them. After that, you should install the brackets that will hold the cables in place on the ceiling and doorsill.

Garage Spring Issue

If your garage door has been broken because of a spring repair, there is still one way you can fix it, by replacing the springs. To do this, you should first identify the broken spring that caused your garage door to open or break down. There are two types of springs used in garage door openers: tensioned and non-tensioned. You should know which type of spring repair you should be doing based on how your garage door works. The most common garage door problems that are fixed by tensioned springs include lifting or tilting of the garage door, noise caused by the garage door opening and malfunctioning of the garage door opener.

If your garage door spring repair needs to be done because the door itself is broken, you will have to remove the entire assembly. After that, the broken spring should be slid out through the hole that it forms in the door’s spring box. This should then be fastened securely to the track below. After that, you should proceed to fasten the new spring into place before tightening the screws again. This task is quite tricky and should be done under the assistance of an expert or you should consider hiring Capital Garage Door Ottawa – a professional garage door repair service provider in the area.