If you’re like most people who love having guests come by and perhaps sleep over, one thing is for sure. It is a norm to prepare the room so your guest feels comfortable and welcome. Most homeowners will actually go the extra mile to decorate the guestroom so visitors feel as if they’re in a five-star hotel. Well, one way to ensure this kind of luxury and comfort in your guestroom is by adding functional décor pieces.

With this being said, here are 5 uncanny functional décor elements you can consider for extra luxury in your guest room.

1. Introduce Indoor Fragrances 

The sense of smell can have a huge impact on someone’s mood and how they feel about their surroundings. Especially if your guestroom is rarely utilized, there’s a chance that foul or musty odors might develop over time, and that’s the last thing you want your guests to deal with.

To avoid embarrassment, indoor perfumes can come in handy, mostly in the form of fragrant candles and diffusers. You can add one of those diffusers or fragrant candle holders curated homeware by Tom Dixon to elevate your guest room’s décor. Not only will the guestroom smell nice, but it will also look more inviting at the same time.

2. A Comfy Bed with Extra Storage Space 

A guest room basically serves as a bedroom for your visitors. This means that nothing can be more functional than a bed designed for maximum sleep comfort. In case you don’t have a quality new bed and mattress, you can consider investing in a good air mattress, which can also be placed on the floor or sofa bed in case you don’t have a box spring. For the utmost functionality, consider getting a bed with storage space beneath, where your guests can tuck suitcases and other belongings. Don’t forget to have plenty of bedcovers and pillows.

3. Add the Right Lighting Fixtures 

Lighting is among the most crucial aspects of interior décor. Your visitors will hardly find a dull and poorly lit guest room luxurious. Besides being a fundamental aspect of luxury interior design, a properly-lit bedroom is also safer to navigate without stumbling on things and injuring oneself. Make sure to introduce a table lamp to aid reading, some sconces or wall lamps on the sides, or some hanging pendants just above the headboard. If there’s a desk in the guest room, a table lamp will work great as a functional piece of décor.

4. Extra Linens

Bed and bath linens are more than just necessities in a guest room. It is extremely important to provide one or two extra pairs of linens for your home guests to use at their comfort and preference. No one wants to leave your guestroom messy and smelly after an accident during sleep, for instance. Also, make sure to supply enough toiletries before your guest settles in the room.

5. Wastebasket

Nothing is more comforting than a decluttered space. On top of organizers and closets, you also want to provide a wastebasket in your guestroom, where visitors will comfortably stash away things they no longer need. Having one in the room adds convenience since they won’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen or bathroom just to dispose of a piece of paper or litter.

A guest room can have lots of other functional décor elements and features. These could be anything from a full-length wall mirror to a TV, some magazines, and so forth. The main idea is to make your guests feel welcome and at home during their entire stay!