Building your own private pool or planning a community pool? Here are 6 essential tips from the experts…

Building and planning your own pool is a big deal. First of all, congratulations on owning land big enough. Secondly, this is a huge investment on your part. Large investments need special focus, experts, and the touch of a specialist.

The last thing anyone wants is to build their pool in a position that is always in the shade, to plant trees whose roots interfere with the pipes, or to run into plumbing problems due to the area. 

To avoid all of the above, listen in for our top tips given by the architects themselves. How do you plan and build your own pool? Read on to find out…

The 6 Vital Tips for Pool Planning

Keep these 6 things in mind when planning your own pool and you glide through the process with ease.

Pool Building Tip 1 – Get a Great Contractor

This is a big job. If you don’t have an on-hand architect, consider hiring a contractor that knows what they are doing. If you happen to live in Central Florida, that means reaching out to a large firm such as Agua Pools & Spas, to make sure you get the most pool for your money… and some guaranties on the workmanship, too. 

Pool Building Tip 2 – Budget Extra

Big builds like having a pool placed in your back yard, typically come to more than you budget for. Even a basic pool has an average cost of around $35,000. A sophisticated one, or a commercial pool plan, can cost $100,000 or more.

Pool Planning Tip 3 – Don’t forget about Maintenance

The initial price of designing and building your own pool aren’t even the last of your budgeting issues. Our third top tip for pool design is that you factor maintenance for the first year of ownership, into the cost of your pool. 

Pool Planning Tip 4 – Shop Around for Estimates

Only the very best pool designing and building contractors will offer you a free estimate for the full cost of the job. An expert service will be able to advise you on the ongoing costs you might incur and can even guarantee their work so that they will come and repair any defects for the first few years of use. 

Pool Designing Tip 5 – The elements of Pool Design

When it comes to the actual planning part, be sure you have the correct professionals to advise you of your choices. You can either do this via choosing a pool design company that has in-house specialists dedicated to each element of your pool’s design – or you can hire contractors individually for the job. For example, it will have to be plumbed in, which means contracting in a plumber at the right time.

All of this takes contracts, interviews, and a project manager with experience. If you don’t feel confident, just hire one. 

Pool Designing Tip 6 – Consulting now means less repairs later

It is a far better idea to consult with a pool design specialist now, than it is to have to pay extra because elements of the design couldn’t come together properly. Imagine, for example, that the plumber you brought in at the end of the job said the pipework was wrong and the pool would never fill… You can imagine the frustration this would bring.

Further thoughts on Pool Design and Build

The moral of this story? That pool design isn’t just something you can do yourself with no experience, not without the help of trained professionals, at least. Choose your firm wisely, opt for a reputable pool designer, and remember to plan ahead if you want the project to work.