A refrigerator is an important appliance in any house, but it can be tricky to place it when you have a comparatively smaller space in the house. Most of the fridges require at least 30 x 36 inches of placement space, and it is not a lot. You just have to be smart and deliberate before positioning your refrigerator in a place which is efficient, won’t clutter and is away from any water sources.

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Now let us explore the places in a small home where the refrigerator can be kept easily.

1. In The Kitchen Or Basement

In The Kitchen Or Basement
Keep the main fridge beside the kitchen door or entrance. Not only will this be an ideal position as the refrigerator is used mostly during kitchen work, but it will give the rest of your house a clutter-free and spacious look.

If your kitchen also has a smaller space, then you can get a mini fridge just for the kitchen which must be stocked up with everyday essentials only. You can install a mini fridge under the kitchen shelf or on top of a slab if it is near to a power outlet. You can get another fridge for extra stuff like meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and keep it in the basement or the garage. This way you get the best of both worlds.

2. Inside A Storage Unit

Every house has a storage unit regardless of its size, keeping your fridge inside it is the best option. If you don’t have one, then choose an appropriate spot for your refrigerator, then build a storage unit around it. This saves space and allows you to store other things inside the newly built storage unit.

3. Inside A Refrigerator Cabinet

You can utilize your cabinet space by keeping your refrigerator in it. This saves your refrigerator from taking extra space while giving it a fresh look.
Inside A Refrigerator Cabinet
If you don’t have a refrigerator cabinet then you can easily build one by yourself or convert your spare cupboards into a fridge storage cabinet by removing its doors. It is possible only if your refrigerator can fit in your cupboard perfectly.

4. In The Dining Area

Placing the refrigerator near or in the dining area may not be an ideal position, but is efficient. As you can buy water bottles and store it inside the fridge itself, this eliminates the space and need for a water dispenser.

5. At Any Intersection

If you don’t want to keep your refrigerator near your dining area or in the kitchen, then place it at an intersection of the house which can adjust your refrigerator.

Make sure that after placing the refrigerator on the intersection, it should not become a hindrance when walking around the house. If possible, choose the intersection which connects the hall to the kitchen and vice versa.

6. In The Laundry Room

In The Laundry Room
Laundry rooms take up only so much space with the washing machine in one spot and laundry baskets on the other. So, why not utilize the laundry room by keeping your refrigerator inside it too? This place is workable if the distance from your kitchen to the laundry room is less than 10 steps, you don’t want to be running around to get the basic necessities from the fridge when you are cooking.

Make use of these efficient and creative places for placing the refrigerator in a small house without causing confusion and hindrance in the house.