In today’s world power is what sets our lives in motion. For the most part, it is impossible to live without it especially for long periods of time. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a full-proof way to ensure nothing comes in the way of you and the electricity you need but – there are steps you can take to prevent a loss of power from having long-term consequences. 

One of those steps includes investing in a reliable Backup Power Source. A backup power source can have you feeling confident that even if things do go awry, you have a quick fix immediately. In some cases, a backup power source can even save lives. 

Different Types of Backup Power Sources

The size of your establishment and your company’s needs will have an impact on which backup power source is required. When you take the time to visit this link, you can see that there are multiple options and considerations when it comes to choosing what Backup Power Source is right for you. Some common options are; Standby Power Generators, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and Automatic Transfer Switches.

For commercial use, a UPS system is often the most popular, and here are 6 reasons why you should invest in one. 

1. It Prevents A Power Surge

A power surge happens when the electricity feed is abruptly interrupted – and then proceeds to quickly be restored. It can also happen when too many units are requiring electricity at the same time. For instance when you have two powerful machines plugged into the same outlet. 

These power surges can cause rust and breakdown of the electrical systems circuit parts and in the worst-case scenario can even cause melting of the plastic and metal components. 

Investing in a generator works to intercept any incoming surges and protects your circuitry and electronic devices from permanent damage. 

Because a UPS system runs on a battery, you can be assured that there will always be a constant flow of electricity. 

2. Protect Your Productivity

Most of the time business’ and commercial industries, in general, are typically on a tight schedule, and having an unplanned emergency isn’t the most ideal circumstance. 

There is just no way to pencil in when a neighboring hydro pole will fall or when an incoming storm will strike – the only way around it is to be prepared. 

Having a generator will allow your company to carry on business as usual despite the circumstances outdoors. You and your workers will be able to feel secure in the fact that their work will not be lost or put on hold for the time being. Staying on target can sometimes make or break a company – so it is best to avoid any opportunity that this can arise by taking preventative action. 

3. Protect Your Revenue

Along with protecting your productivity comes protecting your revenue. Working in sales and losing power can be detrimental to the company. In certain circumstances, you can be without power for days at a time. Just imagine a company not collecting revenue for a week straight – it can be catastrophic

A generator will also help your company avoid unwanted expenses when it comes to other disturbances caused by a storm or power outage. Freezing pipes, flooding, and plumping are only just a few things that can cost a company a fortune to repair. 

A generator can help not only your company’s revenue, but assist your employees by providing them with the job security they deserve.

4. Shelter From Natural Disaster

Generators are especially important for commercial establishments located in areas that are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and even tsunamis. 

Even if you opt for a small generator, they are still likely to be able to handle powering the essentials. Including emergency lights, computers, refrigerators (if applicable), and other devices such as printers and photocopiers. 

This will ensure your equipment stays in a stabilized environment temperature-wise as well. Without power, the air conditioning and heater cannot function. And depending on the temperature, them not functioning can cause the build-up of moisture or frost in important areas. 

Believe it or not, lighting also plays a huge role in the safety of your building, Therefore a generator making sure there is constant light will also help aid you and your employees from being more susceptible to robberies and other crimes such as vandalism. 

5. Medical & Health Conditions

You never know when someone is suffering from a non-showing medical condition. Whether it is you, your employee, or even a customer, a generator can help save a life. 

In the event that a natural disaster calls for a lockdown within the building, a generator will allow individuals to charge life-saving devices and equipment like wheelchairs and electrical sugar level machines. 

Like we mentioned before they can also help keep the air conditioner functioning which would help against respiratory distress caused by heat or other medical conditions. 

6. Decreases The Electrical Load

Lastly, generators will overall decrease your building’s electrical load. It will work to make the rate at which the electricity is coming through your outlets more consistent. That way, you will have less computer and overall technological glitches from time to time. 

Without this, fluctuating electrical consistency rates can harm your technology in the long run. A UPS especially can protect your devices. 

Some generators also have the option to switch back and forth between commercial power and using their backup source. If you switch to the backup source during peak days – especially in the summer months when the Air Conditioning is running 24/7 – it can cut down electricity costs by a major amount. 

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not you want to invest in a generator for your commercial property is up to you. However, it is important that you take into consideration all the benefits that come along with it. 

If you decide to install a generator make sure that you do the right research. Consider the price, the size, the capacity, the noise level, among other factors, and purchase the correct one for your establishment’s needs.