Does the wanderer in you want your comfy home to exude a bohemian vibe? Then, you are living in the right era as home trends these days are pleasantly leaning towards boho interiors. What attracts a cosy soul to boho interiors is the informal, warm, relaxed, and an eclectic aura full of rhythms and hues. Here is a guide for those who want to create a boho style home:

1. Add diverse textures:

A boho home is a hub of textures. Textures bring in more character to your room by making it a mix of many senses. Layering and diversity are the keys to a truly urban bohemian home. Some little yet worthy additions that help you achieve the look could be

  • hampers and handwoven baskets
  • pots and planters of different colours, sizes, shapes, and natural materials
  • fabric wall hangings like macramé and crochet
  • Varied fibred rugs of different sizes
  • colourful round carpets- Persian as well as Turkish
  • wooden and cane furniture
  • hammock
  • pillows and cushions
  • geometrical bookshelves

2. Stay away from noir:

Bohemian Interior1
Yes! Though many of us might think black is the colour of most comfort, but for modern bohemian decor, black is not a great colour. Darker, black, and bulky furniture pieces lean more towards classy and heavy. Bringing in lighter bleached wood pieces create an innate sparkle in your home environment. A couple of dark-coloured pieces and plenty of lighter and more colourful ones could create an ideal combination.

3. Multiple lights make it shine:

Lighting plays an essential role in adding a bohemian spirit to your home. The first tip is always to keep a natural light source open for an ultimate boho room. Then add different kinds of permanent and temporary lighting arrangements like rope lights, lamps, hip lustres, and candles of different shapes and sizes. Use them all! Interior decoration experts like Advantage Property Styling could help you source an excellent variety of natural and stylish lighting options for your home.

4. Artisanal and natural pieces:

Though Bohemian is one theme, it establishes it’s identity around your house with your artistic choices. To adhere to the boho theme, choose more handmade art pieces like sketches, figurines, tapestries, and wall hangings. This is a great way to bring your travel into your home too, as souvenirs and memorabilia from earthy destinations could be excellent natural boho decor.

5. Invite some green friends:

Bohemian Interior2
Plants are an integral part of any bohemian set up. You could call a bohemian design incomplete if there are no plants in the scene. They make the home environment positive and fresh while making your home look like a beautiful landscape with minimum hard work. Climbing plants and hanging pots introduce free-flowing energy into a home. Some gorgeous indoor plants that could enliven your bohemian home are

  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos
  • Dracaena
  • ZZ Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Rubber Tree
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Peace Lily

These plants not only make your home look beautiful but they also great air cleansers that increase the health quotient of your urban boho space.

6. Combine the old and the new:

A bohemian soul stays forever attached to vintage and soulful things and has a calling for the latest and unexplored. For the perfect boho vibes, you can mix art, upholstery, furniture, and furnishings. Vintage decor like a bigger mirror or a brown and gold chest of drawers can be combined with nude colour rugs and draped. Similarly, a prominent and old-style sofa can be combined with a velvet throw and lots of pillows of diverse shapes and sizes.

Now that you have these handy bohemian home decor ideas up your sleeve get ready to transform your home, and it’s a vibe! Happy decorating.