With so much technology around, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage our homes and offices. We have laptops, mobile phones, printers, televisions, music systems, and more such wired helpers serving all around us. Each of these devices runs on power, so we have as many power cables as these devices in our homes.

With so many cables lying around, we are constantly tripping down and injuring ourselves. The added problem is one of keeping our rooms tidy and manageable. These two problems aren’t entirely insurmountable. We have several solutions for these problems, but in this article, we shall focus on just 6 of them.

Conceal Wires1

1. Placing hooks and anchors on the backsides of our furniture can be an excellent idea to conceal these troublesome wires. You can get these anchors and hooks from several websites like Amazon. They are easy to install and are not that expensive.

To install these hooks, simply place some glue on their bases and fix these hooks on to the backsides of your chairs, sofa, settee, etc. If you don’t like chemicals, you can drill screws through the bases of these hooks so that they fix on your furniture for a very long time. Next, string up all your wires and cables through the hooks and make them ‘invisible’ to your guests.

2. Cable covers are used by several enterprises and homes to conceal these wires. A cable cover is essentially a long, hollow tube that ‘swallows’ up all your cables. You can place all your loosely dangling wires in this cable cover and reduce the risk of stumbling or falling. Additionally, these cable covers come in attractive shades and can hide in the corner of your space. Some companies have a range of cable covers for your business: home or office. Check how cable covers are installed by watching instructional videos online and the other way is to seek help from professionals such as TripSafe.

3. Hiding cables inside your wall is another great idea to declutter your room. If you have a tv that has a pretty long cable, then you can conceal that wire inside the wall immediately behind. To do this, carve out a groove between the plug point and the point where your tv is latched on. Now pass all the wire inside that groove, and plaster it. Later, you can paint that plaster with a colour of your choice.

Conceal Wires2

4. If you have a modem and you are sick seeing its wires jutting out, you can try out an innovative strategy. Make use of the small size of your modem. Create a false book cover by cutting a plastic folder. Design it like an ordinary book, and place your modem inside this ‘book’. You can now keep this ‘book’ in your library and nobody would have the slightest idea there is a modem in disguise. You can take care of the cables by installing a plug point just behind your books so that the wires are invisible to the visitor.

5. There is another way of disguising your cables, and that is by making artificial channels inside your floor. These channels can be covered by colourful or stained glass and would carry your wires. If the latter are well insulated, you can even have some water flowing inside these channels. Your guests would think these canals are cool, but they are carrying your wires and cables.

6. Lastly, you can unclutter your room by placing all your equipment together so that there are very few wires. One way to accomplish is by putting all your drawers proximally, so that all your laptops, peripherals, etc. can be placed in just one place.