Owning a house is slightly more stressful than owning an apartment because there are more possible entryways for burglars to use to get inside your home. This can leave many people feeling quite stressed since they don’t quite feel safe. The same goes for people who have already lived through a break-in. All of these worries can easily come to an end by implementing these six ways that will make you feel safe in your house. Some of them are pretty straightforward and easy to implement, but all of them will help you feel much safer. Here they are.

1. Lock All the Doors and Windows

As many statistics show, most burglaries occur either at 10 am or 3 pm, and they require as little as ten minutes to be completed. What’s even more shocking is that a quarter of burglars enter through windows, and even a third enters through the front door! In most cases, burglars are just looking for easy targets, and do not have a specific house in mind. This is why even a little obstacle such as locking your doors and windows can turn them away from your house, as they will look for an even easier target. Locking all the doors and windows will also play a psychological role as you will subconsciously feel more safe knowing that all the possible entryways for burglars have been secured.

2. Reinforce Doors

In addition to the obvious advice of locking your windows and doors, you should also consider installing reinforcements. Firstly, you should check whether any of the locks are damaged. Secondly, see if any of your front door keys are floating around with strangers, and lastly, see if any of the exterior locks seem far too easy to pick, or to break open. If any of these aspects seem faulty, consider rekeying your locks or having them replaced with more tamper-proof versions. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should check that all of your exterior doors have ANSI Grade 1 and Grade 2 deadbolts, as these will make breaking into your house extremely hard. If you think these are not enough, there are also many additional types of door reinforcements.

3. Keep Valuables Tucked Away

Another way to feel safe in your house is by keeping your valuables safe, and away from the prying eyes. There are some obvious ways to achieve this such as not being flashy with your most expensive items. Your most valuable items should be put in a safe, so you don’t ever have to worry about them, especially if the safe itself is in a location that is hard to find. In addition to this, you can use curtains or blinds to stop people passing by from looking inside your house. All of your outdoor items such as bikes, tools, or other items that are easy to grab should be locked in a shed or garage, and you should also make sure to install reinforcements and deadbolts on those doors as well.

4. Consider Additional Options

Some additional options that can greatly impact how safe you feel in your own house. The specialists from SereneInnovations.com suggest the most suitable home alert systems include a wireless home notification system and wireless vibrating alarms which can allow instant alerts for household sounds and even wake you up. Wireless vibrating alarms are highly recommended for people who have a hearing problem or people who are heavy sleepers. All of these convenient gadgets are a result of top-notch technology, and they are a very effective way to help you feel safer in your house knowing that the potential intruders will be easy to spot. In addition to these gadgets, a wireless wearable device can also be of service to people who are deaf or blind. 

5. Motion-sensing Lights

In addition to reinforcing and making sure the doors are locked, you should consider additional aspects to make you feel safe in your house. A great example is the motion-sensing lights. Your regular lights can be turned into motion-sensing lights by switching to specific motion-sensing bulbs, or by installing a motion detector in between a regular light bulb and socket. Motion-sensing lights can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Installing them outside can easily ward away possible intruders as they will be highly visible, which will, in turn, make them rethink the decision of breaking into your home. Installing the motion-sensing lights inside as well can make it much harder for them to move around without being detected, which makes these motion detectors one of the top ways to make you feel safe in your house.

6. Be Mindful of Your Key

Another great way to make you feel safe in your house is to be very mindful about who owns your key. Your trusted neighbors should have an extra key, because it will be most efficient for you to get inside your house if you happen to lose your key, and they can also quickly check up on any potential problems. You can also hide your key in unexpected places, and not in predictable and obvious places such as under the mat or a flower pot on your front door porch. This is a simple and effective way to make you feel safe. Remember that if you happen to lose your key or any of the people you gave them out to do the same, the best idea is to change the locks entirely.

Remember these six ways how to feel safe in your house the next time you worry that someone might break-in. Some of these ways are pretty easy to implement in your daily lives, so there is no excuse for not doing them. It’s also quite advisable to invest in home alert systems, as they are the most reliable resource to keep you informed of any unwanted activity in your house. These also come in handy, as you can wear them wherever you go, or if you have a hearing problem as many are specifically designed for this purpose.