Have you ever seen your neighbors take part in a garage sale on a bright Sunday or Saturday morning? Do you wonder how they put so many items in that sale? Well, that is because they love decluttering their home and ensuring belongings without utility are removed at timely intervals.

Do you love hoarding at your place? Studies show that hoarding affects close to 6% or 19 million Americans, in total and it is rising at an alarming rate. If you love hoarding at your place, it is not a problem. You just have to look at these 7 exciting and creative ideas and you may change your mind.

1. Start by Selecting the Areas to Declutter

It all starts with a stricter regime. All you have to do is to identify the places you have to declutter. Start with the littlest and simplest of places, like the closet, the wardrobe, the drawing place, etc. and then move on to the bigger places like the Garage and the Loft.

You can always pick up one day for each, but ensure that you follow that and do not laze around after a few days.

2. The 3-Box Method

We have been taught from childhood that it is always wise to group things. Remember how during our homework sessions, Mom grouped the tasks each with a submission date and then told us to proceed with the immediate task in hand.

Similarly, crate three large boxes while decluttering your home and name them as Keep, Toss,ṣ and Donate respectively. Every week, pick up a place in the house and start tossing the articles in these boxes. You will automatically end up decluttering your home at the end of the Exercise.

3. Creative DIYs to Declutter

Once this exercise is done, you will finally realize the things that must be stored properly. Now, there are a lot of ways to keep it, in a creative and cute manner. I will share some of the ideas, which I have implemented myself:

Keep Losing Stationery: If you find pens and pencils all around your household, all you have to do is find an old tea box and put a fridge magnet on it and keep all stationeries in one place.

Magnetic Spice Holders from IKEA: Love cooking but hate looking for ingredients? Just buy the magnetic spice holder set from IKEA, label it, and put it on the fridge. It looks sleek and is very easy to find.

Hanging Baskets, the Key to filing Cupboard Space: Hanging baskets help in organizing the closet and utilize the free vertical space of the Cupboard. This helps you arrange your utensils and crockery at one place, ensuring more free space for others.

These ideas make the place look organized and you can always find out more.

4. Take help from experts

If you want more DIYs to declutter various parts of your house, you can definitely ask for some help from experts. Uncluttered Simplicity is one such place where you can look for inspiration to clean, organize and simplify your life so you could spend the time on things you love doing.

They have an amazing set of ideas for each of your rooms, which will help you in decluttering quite easily. I have tried their blog a lot, and it has helped me save time and stay away from frustration, too.

5. Garage Sale

This is an easy method to get some extra cash, have a gala time on weekendṣs and interact with the neighbors. Whatever was in the Toss basket and in good condition could be sold easily in the Garage Sale, and in a fun and interactive way, you are getting rid of things, too!

6. Donate a Set of Items each Week

At times, the whole pile of things lying around makes us lazier and we keep on delaying the decluttering exercise. Hence, the best technique is to not hoard for long.

Start giving away things weekly, and your house will start looking light after each week. Think of this as an opportunity to get newer things.

7. Rent

There are things, which you do not use daily, for example the Barbeque Oven and Grill at Your Backyard. Try to rent these unnecessary things on days you don’t wish to use them. This will not only save space but also keep your appliances in working condition while also generating some side rental income,

Now that you know the secret tricks to keep your home clean and tidy, start applying them from now and give your home some breathing space.