Palm Jumeirah

Dubai property will never go to disappoint you. We agree the rental and sales prices have witnessed a fall down but yet again the market is improving. There is again a boom for Dubai properties, people around the world are investing in it as they can see future returns. There is no property which comes without a risk; same is the case with Dubai. There is hype in the world for Dubai property. The millionaire investors from around the globe come and invest in places like Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, and Dubai downtown. They know their investment is secure with the rules and regulation of the Dubai government regarding the real estate investment.

Palm Jumeirah is not less than a dream to live in. the name itself explains a lot about the place. The villas are located on the Jumeirah beach like the branches of a palm tree. The villas have their own beauty with sea view at in front and beautiful landscapes around. You can book the villa of your type and size. Most people prefer to have big villas, some are happy with medium size villas. Some people want to stay close to the beach and some are not comfortable with that. What a beautiful morning it could be when you open your eyes with beach water around. You can enjoy the beachside breakfast by sitting in your villa or can enjoy a lovely sunset with your partner.

There are many other property projects in Dubai but the Palm Jumeirah is on the top of the list. You can enjoy a 5-star lifestyle in a villa made with state of the art technology and design. Everything in the villa is latest ranging from the ceiling top to the electronics in place. The different villas have unique designs some are modern, classic and some depict the true culture of Arabian Gulf. You can see all and then book the villa of your choice.

The Palm Jumeirah villas are not less than the 8 wonders of the world. They are unique in style, iconic and outclass in design. Some of the unique and highly style villas are as follow:

Signature Villa Fronds

Signature villas
The unique thing about this villa is that it is located on the best fronds tip of the Palm Jumeirah with an outstanding view of the beautiful Atlantis hotel. The villa has 6 bedrooms, with rooms and bath areas are facing towards the ocean. The villas have 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Rixos Residences

The villa is located at dream palm residences on the plan crescent and is made with sea spur. The villa is fine for a couple or a small family. It is simple and contemporary in style. The villa has 2 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms for your comfort.

Zabeel Saray

Zabeel Saray
Living in such full-service villas is not less than a luxury. The furnishings of the villa are very splendor and amazing that you can have the best of the time here. The villa has also high-class facilities and a private elevator for easy access. The villas have 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Balqis Residence

Balqis Residence
The villa is as unique and lavish as the name implies. It is made on 9,000 sq ft area. The villa is made of Arabesque shades and smooth style and shows the real modern life of a Dubai expatriate.

Garden Home, Fronds

Garden Home, Fronds
The villa is made in Mediterranean style and is quite close to the ocean- just a few steps out of the villa. You can make it more relaxing and soothing by doing the best interior of your choice. The villa is covering the three floors and has a beautiful garden, BBQ space and private swimming pool to enjoy. The villa has 3 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms.