Suppose you live near New Orleans and plan to clean your landscapes for a party, family reunion, or event. Then you should be aware of these seven essential tips that will help you bring your landscape back to life. In New Orleans landscaping is an essential skill that you need to bring the best out of your garden.

In most scenarios, landscapes get dirty because of changing weather, pollution, and inadequate maintenance routine. Reviving the lousy condition of your landscape will require some essential gardening tools like a garden spade, a shovel, hand pruners, and a metal garden rake. You can also use a leaf blower if you find it difficult to take care of the dry fallen leaves in your landscape.

Trimming And Shaping Of Shrubbery

One can consider this step as an essential initial step, but at the same time, this step will make your landscape look 20% better. All you need to do is gently trim back and prune all the shrubbery. Just remove the overgrown grass, and if you already have a well in shaped shrubs like rounded, boxwoods, holly, etc., just trim the leafy part. 

While trimming, keep in mind to always leave some part of it and check whether the process looks good or not. As if you trim back too much, it will not be easy to reshape the shrub. Trimming your shrubs once or twice a year helps you in maintaining your landscape.

Removal Of Weeds And Refreshing The Landscape Bed Edges

Next, it is time to remove the weed and redefine all the bed edges. You can use a garden spade to cut back or go over the landscape beds. How much you can cut down depends on the maintenance routine you are following. If it was done well a previous time, then you need not cut more. You can simply cut the overgrown heads. But if you had not performed edging last time or 2 to 3 years back, then this time, it needs to be done correctly and trimmed well. 

Now using the garden spade, shovel, or simply by hand, start removing the weeds. Make sure your lush green landscape is weed-free. As weeds won’t allow your shrubs and other plants to grow correctly, and at the same time, it looks untidy.

Once both of these steps are complete, you will see your landscape slowly transforming to its former glory.

Mowing Continuously

Due to the changing seasons, one should use the lowest blade setting on your mower to cut your grass short. This will allow the grass to soak in the moisture and nutrients it needs to survive the weather. Never stop mowing your lawn. It is a healthy routine to a good and tidy landscape.

Adding Colors To Your Landscaping

If you want to bring back the life of your landscape, then you should consider this step as one of the essential steps, creating some attractive curb appeal, and it includes adding colors to the existing landscape beds.

You can do this by planting some annuals or perennials within some specific areas of your landscape. Keep in mind that while selecting flats of flowers from a nursery, make sure that you ask the salesperson which annuals are best in full shade and which outperform in full sun.

The knowledge will help you to choose the right flowers and plant them in the right place. You can also try to create some contrast in your landscape. For example, you can grow red flowers in one area and all the whites flowers on the other side, which will give your landscape a nice and attractive look. Your neighbor is going to start praising your landscape.

Installing Boulders In Your Landscape

Weathered moss or boulders are the big heavy rocks that will add an accent look to your landscape and house. The accent boulders make a significant impact on the curb appeal of your landscape. While choosing the boulders, keep in mind that you chose the ones which you can manage as you will not have large equipment to lift them and place them elsewhere. It is advisable to buy approximately 2 to 4 boulders. To add more beauty to your accent decorative rocks, you can add some extra Begonias to attract the eyes and charm the boulders’ look.

Using Mulch And Decorative Stone

Once the cleaning is done, now is the time to decorate the landscape. You can use mulch and decorative stones. All you need to do is visit the nearby nursery and ask for mulch and decorative rocks. The most popular type of mulch is black and red-brown. 

This black and red-brown mulch will bring out all the colors in your garden, and your visitors will quickly notice them. Your shrubs and planted annuals will begin to pop up due to mulch. Besides annuals and shrubs, adding mulch to the stones also provides color contrast between the stone color and black color mulch.

Outdoor Living Areas

Once everything is done, you can think of installing an outdoor living area into your landscape. This will turn your landscape into a beautiful place to spend family time, and you can use this space to host events and regular parties.