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Have you moved to a new house in a new neighborhood and want your prospective home inspected for electrical faults? Perhaps your electrical appliances have been misbehaving lately. Regardless of your need, hiring the right electrician is a paramount step in the right direction. It is essential to hire experienced electricians such as Icebolt Electrical since any poorly done wiring job can lead to severe hazards such as fires, injuries, or death.

Below are several tips that will help you with your electrician selection journey:


A good and professional electrician is fully licensed and certified to offer electrical services such as repairs, installations, maintenance, and replacements. Always inquire for valid licensing papers from your prospective electricians to certify that they aren’t crooks looking for a quick buck. Lack of licensure is a clear red flag that you need to turn down the electrician.

Must be well-equipped

A technician is best described by their choice of tools. A good technician must have a wide variety of tools essential in completing assigned projects professionally and timely. The tools should also be sufficient for any task that they have to undertake, from new installations to troubleshooting different problems and inspecting faults. Inadequate quality tools pose the risk of a low-quality output of work and untimely project completion. Therefore it is best suggested to hire commercial electrician in withers who carry their own tools and equipment ensuring high quality performance.

Proof for insurance

Electrical works are among the riskiest jobs available. Here’s where liability insurance comes in. A professional and excellent electrician has his or her clients’ interests at heart. In the case of an injury, property loss or property damage, who becomes liable for the extra expenses? Normally, in the absence of liability insurance covering your project and the electrician, the burden will fall on you partially. Protect yourself through hiring an insured electrician.

A technician should give you a guarantee of quality

Good technicians are so confident in their quality of services that they wouldn’t mind offering warranties and add-ons on top of the initial services. Moreover, it’s a win-win situation for you and the electrician. Remember only to hire a technician who either guarantees his work personally or through the company that hired him.

Professional working attitude

When looking for an electrician for your home, it means they will be in close contact with you and your family. It is, therefore, essential that they have a professional working attitude, which includes their verbal and non-verbal communication tactics. Professional and interpersonal skills say a lot about a person’s quality of service. You want to build a long-term relationship with the prospective electrician. You might want to pay attention to how they deliver these services.

Clientele references and recommendations

Before hiring an electrician, you are advised to ask around your neighborhood for any recommendations. When a client is offered high-quality services, they are always happy to recommend their technicians to other possible clients. Once you get a preferable technician, it is good practice to ask your contacts if anyone has had previous experience with the said technician. This reduces the general risk and uncertainty that comes with hiring a technician blindly. The more a technician is recommended by people, the higher the quality of their work.

Your potential electrician shouldn’t shy from handing in a few clientele references. If he or she is confident in the work they’ve delivered before, it shouldn’t be a problem. Approach these clientele references to hear about the experience working with the electrician.

Ask about the work they mostly engage in

The field of electricity is vast, and most technicians choose a particular line of specialization to improve their technical knowledge. Whether you are looking for a technician for your industrial needs or domestic repairs, there’s always a perfect pick for you. This means they have more experience, hence better-quality work, the right expertise, and lesser risks.

Just like plumbers, doctors and mechanics are essential, electrical technicians are an equally important part of your maintenance team. Your technician should not only carry out the hands-on work but should be knowledgeable enough to make recommendations for any changes they believe would benefit you and your household. If you are in Canberra and looking for a technician, at Chesters Electrical Canberra company, we are the people you should call for all your electrical needs.