An average person spends around $740 to repair a ceiling. The whole project can cost anywhere from $336 to $1200. Depending on the company you choose to work with, the cost of the project will vary dramatically. We are not here to say which company is the best and which company offers you the best service. Any such company does not endorse us. We are here to help you answer the question of how much to replace ceiling framing.

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Ceiling repair cost per square foot:

Usually, the repair of the ceiling doesn’t cost that much. Depending on the area, you may end up paying $45 to $90 per square foot.

The annual cost will also depend on how much area needs repairing and what material you use.

Drywall or sheetrock repair cost:

Drywall repair cost is reasonably cheap compared to ceiling repair. You can get way by spending only $45 to $55 per square foot.

This includes labor, materials, site, preparation, cleanup, etc.

But if you are working with water damage or large holes, the repair cost will jump significantly.

Plaster and lath:

Plaster materials are costly. The process takes a long time too. If you consider the labor and time, the rate is pretty affordable. $65 to $80 per square foot. It includes all labor and material costs.

When you work with plaster, you also need to work with a layer of wood or lath. The lath supports the coating. Working with lath can be hard; that’s why the labor cost is so high.

Popcorn Ceiling:

Popcorn ceiling comes with a high maintenance cost. The minimum rate per square foot is 75$. That my friend is quite expensive. If you are not willing to spend a ton on repair, I recommend staying away from popcorn ceilings.

Drop tiles:

Another super expensive ceiling. The installation cost is also high for drop tiles. It shouldn’t be surprising for you when I say that the maximum repair cost per square feet is 200$. You can buy tiles yourself. Any experts will charge you around 90$ per hour for their labor.

Water damage:

Fixing any water damaged product costs a lot. Roof ceilings aren’t an exception either.

Water damage is one of the most common issues. Even if your ceiling is concrete based, your roof could malfunction. Too much water can ultimately lead to water leaking. The cost of water damage will highly depend on the damage. It can be small damage or a regular water leak, or it can be that the inside of your roof is damaged. If that happens, then you need to change the entire roof system. Doing that will set you back a lot.

If it’s a small damage, then it will cost you around $55 per square feet. If you don’t want a high maintenance cost, we recommend you make a low maintenance roof.

Cracked ceiling repair cost:

It’s not uncommon for ceilings to generate crack. With age, it just happens. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be repairable. You can repair any visible cracks. Unless the cracks become more prominent and your ceiling starts to break. You should replace the roof if that happens.

The repair cost can set you back anywhere from $330 to $800.

Some cracks can be a sign that your ceiling structure is damaged. If that happens, you are in for a lot of trouble. There is no easy way to break it to you, but structure repair costs can even come at $5000.

Just make sure that you find the right people to do the job for you.