Homeowners in areas prone to weather extremities such as hurricanes are advised to install impact windows and doors. You never know when nature might strike so it is best to be prepared and safe rather than ending up having to repair or replace your home. Impact windows feature heavy-duty frames with glass reinforced by a heavy-duty silicone glazing process designed to provide added strength and prevent the glass from breaking away from the frame even if it is impacted by flying debris from the storm. Impact doors are also specifically designed to withstand the impact of heavy objects.

Here are a few important reasons you can never go wrong with impact doors and windows. 

Impact Doors and Windows are a step towards protecting your Property from Extreme Weather Elements

This is probably the most obvious reason for installing hurricane impact-rated storm windows and doors, as well as having a wind-rated roof. These installations help prevent damage to your home from hurricanes and storms. Coastal residents in recent years have had to contend with an average of 12 storms annually. These storms have damaged both commercial and residential properties, running to billions of dollars.

Even a small wind born object in a storm can smash an ordinary window.  During a hurricane this will allow pressurised air from outside to enter the house, causing an alteration of pressure inside the house.  This pressure build-up can often cause the roof to be raised up and then ripped off by winds and, after that the rest of the home is often destroyed as well. 

Increases Security

These doors and windows are built to withstand blows from large flying wind born objects; this alone is a security measure on its own. However, due to their reinforced nature, it is difficult for burglars and intruders to gain access to your home. Intruders mostly aim for weakest sections of the home, windows and doors, to gain entry. By increasing the security of your home, these installations also reduce the home insurance costs you have to shoulder. 

Helps to reduce Energy Bills

Having impact windows and doors can help lower your cooling or heating bills. Most impact doors and windows are designed to provide a vacuum seal around the points of entry, keeping cool air in when it is warm outside and keeping warm air in when it is cold outside. Impact windows have multiple layers that reduce the solar rays entering your home. With reduced spending on energy bills, you can save money for a different home improvement project. 

Increase the Resale Value of your Property

Originally you installed the windows and doors to protect yourself and your property. However, when you are looking to resale the property in the future, this could be good bargaining for an increased price from the potential buyers. People are constantly looking for such upgrades when scouting for a new property. Installing impact windows and doors, especially in hurricane prone coastal areas like Florida, can increase your chance of finding a buyer when listing. 

Reduces Property Insurance Cost

When assessing the risks to your home to come up with the cost of insurance, most firms look at different things in the home. Installing impact windows and doors significantly reduces the chances of your home getting damaged or burglarised. Due to the low risks brought by this upgrade, insurance companies tend to offer discounted insurance costs to property owners.

Impact Windows and Doors help with Noise Reduction

If you are one to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep without having to worry about the sound of a passing vehicle or howling wind, then this upgrade would serve you well. The multiple layers and sealed framing prevent air and sound leakage, sound from inside is locked in, and noise from the surrounding is kept outside. 

Installing impact Windows and Doors helps to improve the General Appearance of your Property

Property in hurricane-prone areas installs a storm shutter, either fitted permanently or can be disengaged after the storm. Keep in mind that you have to deal with regular maintenance of the shutters. Most shutters, when deployed, leave the entire home in total darkness throughout the entire storm since all the windows and doors are boarded up. 

Impact windows do not need any cover during a storm and can provide you with natural light as well as a peek into the storm. These windows and doors look regular, with the difference being in their strength.