A trampoline in your backyard provides hours of fun activity to your family. However, the trampoline should be of good quality otherwise it can cause a dangerous accidents. Therefore it is important to buy a trampoline carefully so that you won’t have to regret later. Here, you will get a complete guideline for buying a new trampoline from market.

First of all, you need to know that every year thousands of trampoline accidents happen in the United States. These accidents lead to injuries that affect your child’s health, studies and routine life. You need to find the safest trampoline to keep your children safe while jumping on it. In this article, we will discuss all key points that you must keep in mind before you buy a trampoline.

1. Check Trampoline Frame

The trampoline frame should be made of heavy duty and fully galvanized thick steel tubes. The frame must be rust resistant and sturdy to stand outdoor weather conditions and provide long lasting performance. You should check the frame information carefully to know if it is safe enough for your children.

2. Safety Enclosure Net OR Handlebar

You should never buy a trampoline without safety net unless you are buying an exercise trampoline. If you are buying a mini trampoline for kids then it must have a handlebar or handrail. The kid can hold the handlebar while jumping on a trampoline to save himself/herself from falling off.

The safety enclosure net is installed around the jumping surface. Make sure the net is made of premium quality and UV resistant material. The safety net keeps the kids inside and prevents them from falling out while playing on the trampoline. It is the best if there is no gap between safety net and jumping mat, it will save the kids from getting caught in such dangerous gaps.

3. Jumping Mat

The jumping mat is the surface on which your kids will walk and jump. The mat is generally made of high quality polypropylene or permatron material. It is UV resistant and designed to provide durable performance. You should check the material and other details about jumping mat to confirm it is safe to use for your kids. For sure, if it is the best trampoline for kids then it should be made of those materials capable of standing the test of time and adverse natural conditions.

4. Spring Cover or Safety Pad

The spring cover or safety pad is made PVC and it covers all the springs on trampoline. It hides the springs and saves them from outside weather. Not only that, it protects the kids and all jumpers from touching the springs. If the springs are open they can pinch your kids’ fingers or toes, the safety pad save your kids from such dangers.

5. Foam Padding on Enclosure Poles

The trampoline has four or six enclosure poles that hold the safety net high. If the enclosure poles are curved, they stay away from the safety net. You must check if the enclosure poles are padded with foam or not. The foam padding on poles makes them safer for kids if they hit the poles while jumping on the trampoline.

6. Weight Limit

Every trampoline has its maximum weight capacity. You must check the weight limit of a trampoline before buying it. You know how healthy your kids are and how much is their body weight. So, you should find a higher weight capacity trampoline to make it safer for your kids. We request you to not to cross the weight limit of your trampoline, it may turn into a dangerous accident.

7. Trampoline Shape

The shape of a trampoline is important to know before you buy it. If you want a high bounce trampoline, we suggest you to get a rectangle or square trampoline. If you want medium bounce then you can go for a round or oval trampoline. The shape also affects the space in your backyard, so you should choose the trampoline in a shape that fits perfectly in your yard.

8. Price and Warranty

The trampolines are made by various brands and each of them comes at a different price. You should check the price information to know if it fits your budget before you finalize it to buy. You should also check the warranty on trampoline, it may have longer warranty on frame & springs and shorter on trampoline mat, net and pad. Check the warranty details carefully and buy a trampoline that offers best price and longer warranty.

Wrapping Up:

Buying a new trampoline is an easier task if you have proper knowledge about what to check. You need to check the build quality and materials of the trampoline to know how sturdy it is. The things to consider includes frame, springs, mat, net, pad and shape as well. So, you should consider all these details to get the best trampoline for your backyard.