It is a well known fact that moving houses is stressful. One of the main reasons is when moving from one house to the next, you have essentially uprooted yourself. Change often means unknown, and the unknown often leads to stress. There are different aspects of moving locally that you need to consider to make your move hassle-free. And to help you along that path, we have compiled 8 of the top tips to make your next local move super smooth.

1. Factor in the time you need

Time waits for no man, and it is the most significant source of headaches when you are moving short or long distances. When you do not adequately plan, stress will follow. You need to break down the house into units and know how long it will take you to pack each unit. Not every room in the house will use the same amount of time when packing (ex. The kitchen will take more time than a small bathroom).

2. Have an organized list

Create a list that will help you stay organized and guide you on what task on the lists is significant. When you have the tasks broken down, it will be easier for you to start packing weeks in advance before the due date. When you begin your packing early, it helps ensure that you have minimized the chance of something being left or forgotten.

3. De-junk & De-clutter

When you are moving locally, this is a great time to purge and get rid of all the things you’ve been putting off getting rid of. Most people hold on to items that were a part of their lives in the past, convenient at a time, or kept “just in case.” When you plan your move, you need to ensure that everything you carry to your next home will be used and fit appropriately with the new home’s design.

4. Start by packing the small things

When packing items to move, start by packing the small items first. When you are done with the small items, you will realize that you have created a lot of space. The small items you can pack early include items in the kitchen drawers, clothes for the next season (ex. pack winter clothes in summer), storage closets, etc.

5. Ensure you have plenty of boxes

Before you are ready to move, you need to collect boxes. You can get the boxes by asking friends who may have boxes from their previous moves. For high-value or fragile items, we recommend purchasing new boxes from local hardware or shipping stores. Another option is renting moving boxes from companies like Boxbee which makes the whole process easier as you are given a number of boxes depending on the rooms you’re packing.

6. Have enough time for the actual move

When moving from one house, you need to ensure that the number of days you have set aside for the move itself is sufficient for all the work that needs to be done. If you don’t plan your move well, you can end up sleeping with your property outside or being rushed out before you can do your security deposit cleaning. 

7. Have a vast part of your calendar free

Make sure that you avoid last-minute rushes. You need to find a vast space of time between your schedules to know what times you can pack. During this time that you have set aside, you must ensure that you have asked for help from family members and friends. To get family members and friends to lend a hand, you can offer them incentives. The incentives can include; free drinks, snacks, food, or even cold, hard cash.

8. Get professional help

The perfect way to relieve stress when moving is to outsource the service to a professional moving company. Some items will require a delicate touch when you are moving. When you have a professional moving company, you can rest assured that none of the fragile goods will be damaged during the move.

On the other hand, when moving from one home to the other, there are often heavy items you can not carry on your own. A professional moving company will have the necessary equipment and expertise needed to do all the heavy lifting. However much it is everyone’s wish to ensure no damages occur during a move, accidents happen, when you hire a moving company, you are sure to be compensated in case of any breakages.

Pro Tip: When researching moving companies, be sure to find a company that specializes in the type of move you are looking for. If you are planning a local move, it’s best to hire a company that exclusively handles local moves such as MoveDay Local Movers ( Specializing leads to efficiency, and efficiency leads to an easier move for you!

The old saying should go “the only things guaranteed in life are death, taxes, and moving!” You need to have all the necessary information at hand to make your local move worry-free. When you consider the points mentioned above, you will have no problem anytime you want to move. Whether you want to hire professionals or DIY, you need to ensure that planning is the central part of the moving process.