In a nutshell, epoxy paint is exactly what it sounds like, paint that has had epoxy added. Epoxy is a resin or a type of glue. It is added to the paint to help bond all the components together. 

The result is a very strong paint that has been used in commercial applications for many years. More recently it is becoming a popular choice for homes, specifically kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that benefit from a tough floor, which is stain-resistant and easily cleaned.

The fact is that epoxy paint is available in a wide variety of colors making it a good option for any space. However, it is best to choose a darker or neutral color. Epoxy paint can last for many years, a neutral color allows you to redecorate the room without having to change the floor.

The key when selecting your preferred style is to use high-quality epoxy floor coating, this will ensure it doesn’t disappoint.

Difference Between Epoxy Paint & Normal Paint

Epoxy paint is latex-based paint with just a little epoxy in it. The epoxy bond is what makes it so tough, corrosion-resistant, and easy to keep clean. In many ways, it is the same as traditional paint, except it has epoxy in it. This key difference is important as it ensures the paint adheres to concrete. This adhesion lasts, keeping the paint on the concrete where it belongs. 

In short; epoxy paint is tough and it is better for your floor as nothing can get through it. In fact, it can prevent the floor from being damaged even if chemicals or excess heat are applied to it.

Epoxy Coating

It is worth noting there is a difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coating. While epoxy paint is regular paint with epoxy added, the coating is a different substance. It is made up of an epoxy resin mixed with a catalyst, usually a polyamine hardener. 

In effect, an epoxy coating is like adding a sheet of plastic to your floor. It creates an additional floor surface. Epoxy coating is just as tough and resilient as epoxy paint, perhaps even tougher. It is durable, stain-resistant, and impervious to chemicals 

Epoxy coating goes on top of the concrete forming another flooring layer, epoxy paint is simply painted onto the existing surface.

Considerations With Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is durable and resistant and generally skid resistant. But, if you spill any type of oil on the epoxy paint you will find that the floor becomes very slippery. This is because it doesn’t get absorbed into the floor. On the plus side, it is very easy to clean up. 

It is also worth noting that epoxy paint lasts longer than normal paint but does still start to crack. The length of time it will last depends on how much traffic there is. Epoxy coating will last significantly longer. 

Epoxy paint is easy to do yourself and will improve the look of your floor. But, if you want a durable high-quality floor, you are better off getting the professionals to lay epoxy coating.