Hiring a cleaner is a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and decluttering your home. But how do you find the right person for the job? You can’t be too careful when it comes to hiring someone. After all, they will have access to your home. Below we’ll be providing a checklist of things to do when hiring a Domestic Cleaner in Melbourne.  

Check the Company You are Hiring

The first and most important thing to do is check the company that you are hiring. You might think it’s a good idea to recruit friends or relatives, but there may be hidden problems in their work ethic which will come out as soon as they have access to your home. This could lead to property damage, theft of valuables, and even vandalism if left to the wrong pair of hands. 

Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure you get recommendations from friends who’ve had positive experiences before submitting your contact details for a quote. If possible, arrange an interview at the house so that prospective employees can see if they like the space too!

Alternatively, you can check online in an aggregation site like oneflare to make review comparisons. Remember, some research is better than no research. 

Check their Portfolio

When you receive quotes from different companies, compare the services that they offer, and make sure to check their portfolio too. Quickly checking their website will give you a good idea of what kind of work they do, how thorough it is, and how many customers have been happy with them in the past. 

If you can’t see any pictures or read reviews about the company, these might be warning signs that there are problems that could crop up when hiring domestic cleaners Melbourne-wide. Portfolios are a great and efficient way to see the body of your potential cleaning company’s work, and provide a better indication on whether or not they should be hired. 

Make sure they are Bonded, Insured Or Have Workers Compensation

All domestic cleaners Melbourne-wide should have insurance, worker’s compensation, and bonding for the benefit of your peace of mind. Be sure to ask them about these before you make any arrangements to have no surprises down the track!

Insurance is essential for any contractor who is going to be working in your home. If something were to happen, you want the person responsible covered for damages so that they can’t just leave without consequences (although this rarely ever happens). Other options are available when someone doesn’t work with an insurer, including bonding and Worker’s Compensation. These two types of cover provide more protection than standard insurance.

Check What Services They Offer

Make sure the services they offer fit your requirements. Many different things can be done around the house, so ask first whether they can cater to your requirements. If the domestic cleaner only offers a specific range of services, it may not work for your needs or budget.

You might also want to find out if they offer any eco-friendly cleaning methods such as biodegradable products and non-toxic cleaners. These days, there’s more awareness about living green. You’ll know this from looking at their website too!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ask about their policies and guarantees. What will they do if you’re unhappy with the service? You’ll want to know whether or not you get a refund or if the cleaner can come back to redo it for free.

Another question to ask is what happens when there’s an issue not directly related to cleaning but rather something like plumbing problems in your house? This is important because while some issues are out of their control, others are covered by them. 

Cleaning Supplies

What cleaning supplies will they use? The cleaner should provide you with a list of everything needed, so there are no surprises.

Will the company supply their own laundry detergent, or do I need to buy it? If not, then you’ll want to find out beforehand how much this costs and whether you’re expected to pay for it upfront before your work together begins.

Find out additional information, such as if they charge extra if someone in my family has allergies or asthma. Knowing these details is essential as some people can’t tolerate certain chemicals/ingredients. Make sure the company knows about any relevant information before starting! This way, if anything goes wrong during your work together, then you won’t need any surprises!

Check Their Cancellation Policy

If the cleaner cancels at the last minute, then it can be a really frustrating experience. Knowing your cleaner’s clear cancellation policy ahead of time, you know what to expect if this happens. Questions you’ll want to ask include the following: 

  • Is there any notice period required before canceling? If not, does that mean their time slot will likely go to someone else who’s willing to work on those days?
  • Do I need to book them in advance, or can we just make an appointment for when I need them next? 

The best cleaners are often booked up and unavailable at short notice – but some companies allow booking more than one day ahead of time! 

Finally, make sure that your expectations match theirs. For example, if you want someone with experience but aren’t prepared to pay extra for it, make this clear. Or perhaps you need someone who’s able to do bigger jobs like deep cleaning an entire house in a day because of your work schedule. Again, agree on these things before starting, so there are no nasty surprises later on!