What’s better than getting your lawnmower out on a sunny day? Not winding up with clumps of grass on your freshly mowed lawn may be your option. Services such as Green Grass Plot can help you learn how you don’t end up with such clumps.

While returning nitrogen-rich grass clippings to the soil may help with more growth, it doesn’t need to look unpleasant. Proper mulching blades can help solve this issue. Although mulching blades may not look too different from mowing blades, their functions differ considerably. 

What Can Mulching Blades Do?

Mulching blades are angled upward, called the lift side, which helps them propel grass clippings into the bagger with more force. In some cases, mulching blades come with teeth or serration on the left side, which helps cut into the grass as they are propelled into the bagger. With such serrated blades, the grass clippings are finely distributed back to the soil without forming ugly clumps. 

Mulch-mowing is also referred to as recycling. With this method, the grass clippings are fed back to the soil to help keep it nutrient-rich and fertilised. Instead of bagging up your grass clippings with mulch-mowing, you can consider blowing it back onto the lawn, where it decomposes and fertilises the soil.

Mulch mowing not only helps you keep your backyard looking nice and trimmed but also keeps it nutrient-rich. It is an easy way to make your mowing ritual a little eco-friendlier.

How Can You Select Lawn Mulching Blades?

Although mulching blades can be helpful, it is crucial to select the right tone. Without proper features, your mulching blades will be useless. Expert services such as Green Grass Plot help homeowners learn more about the perfect mulching blades and how to buy them.

What Should You Look For?

So, when you’re in the market for the perfect mulching blades, what should you look out for?

Length of the blade

The length of the blade is crucial; it shouldn’t be too large nor too small. A large blade will slow down your mower, while a smaller blade may not provide adequate airflow, require you to take more passes, and miss on smaller grass strips.

Weight of the blade

Typically, mulching blades are heavier than standard mowing blades. In some cases, this may lead to increased resistance that the motor needs to tackle. When buying mulching blades, you should consider their weight and your lawn mower’s engine capacity.

Fitting and Mounting Options

Standard options are a five-point and six-point star, universal fit, or bow-tie. The five-point star and six-point star fits are the easiest to install as they only require you to use one bolt. For universal fit blades, you will find them hassle-free to use. But since they are not designed for a specific lawnmower, they can be tricky.

Are Mulching Blades Durable?

Mulching blades tend to be heavier, thicker, and have a unique design. Thanks to these features, mulching blades tend to be more durable compared to traditional mowing blades.

Selecting the right mulching blade is crucial to get grass cycling right. Experts who work with Green Grass Plot or other similar services can help you understand more about mulching blades, how they should be selected, and the mowers they work the best with.