The classic farmhouse kitchen and farmhouse-style homes are back, and they currently seem to be all the rage. With the rise of the minimalist movement, more and more people are embracing natural themes in fashion and home decor. Homeowners prefer to use more natural textures and earth tones in their spaces, and others are entirely remodeling their homes to fit into the farmhouse theme.

If you live in a big city, you may think incorporating this look into your home is far-fetched, especially if you’re in a rented space. However, it’s easier than you think. Achieving a modern farmhouse look can be a walk in the park, depending on just how rustic you’d like your house to look. If you’re interested in this home transformation, the tips below may interest you.

Use neutral colors for the walls


Painting your walls a neutral color is the first step to giving your interiors a farmhouse aesthetic. Farmhouse-style homes never have bright or dark-colored walls; neutral colors reflect the nostalgic feel and warmth that comes with a country home. It’s no surprise that many city dwellers choose that rustic decor for their home interior, as many of them grew up on a farm before moving to the city. Unfortunately, because of their fast-paced and demanding lives in the big city, the farmhouse-style decor is the closest they can get to recreating that homey feel.

It’s okay if you aren’t the best at DIY home decor. You can hire an interior design company to help you get what you want. If you live in the Big Apple, you may be concerned about finding an interior stylist who can understand your vision. However, a few companies are great at interior design in Rochester, NY, and will cover everything from the designs to the fabrics and materials you need. If you decide to do it yourself, resist the urge to use different colors in every room of your home. Using the same color all around will help you stay true to that farmhouse look.

Use natural wood

Another way to achieve that authentic farmhouse look is to use salvaged barn wood accents. It’s pretty common to find wooden elements and furnishings in an antique farmhouse. You can use these timber accents for the dining table, shelves, flooring, cabinets, and perhaps some furniture in your bedroom. Farmhouse decor is not complete without some handcrafted custom furniture. Instead of sticking with the inbuilt floors and cabinets, you could get some handcrafted tables, side stools, inbuilt cabinets, and statement beams. Some good, high-quality craftsmanship can go a long way to make the space your own.

Make use of distressed furnishings

Using furniture with an excellent distressed finish could give basic home interiors a more rustic look. It’s common to see old doors and window frames repainted and strategically distressed to create that look. The good thing about using these distressed elements is that they’re pretty budget-friendly. You could visit a used furniture shop near you and purchase some pieces of your choice. If they don’t look rugged enough, you can tweak them to your taste. A little chipped paint here and scratched wood there will do the trick.

Add a few wire baskets

Using wire baskets on your front entrance, patio, or windows could add to that ranchy look and add some texture to the whole ensemble. It’s best to stick to black or brown baskets since you don’t want to upset the balance of color already present in the entire house. You don’t have to limit your baskets to the outdoor decor: You could also use some in your living room to store your cushions and throw pillows. Hang some on your walls with some plants if you like; it’s all up to you.