Getting your house presentable for potential buyers makes it easier for your house to sell. However, a lot of people get this simple task wrong: They do it by themselves, and don’t employ help from a real estate agency. 

If you really want to sell your house in the most efficient way for both you and your buyer, it’s best to get the support of a realtor. They have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to buying and selling houses, and properties often sell at the best prices. 

This is because they are specialized in your local area, and they have to keep on top of trends and fashions in the housing market. They will also know exactly how to list your house to get the maximum amount of interest and viewers from buyers. 

But it’s always good to be prepared for what they will want to go through with you when getting your home prepared for the market. These are things you can organize before going to a realtor to get your house sold.

Realtors will help answer your primary question, “what is my house worth?”, and help you through the selling process. 

Clean your home and depersonalize

Cleaning your house of clutter and staging your home is a great strategy to use when getting your home ready to sell. This involves highlighting your home’s most appealing assets: the kitchen, the living room, and the master bedroom. 

These are key places to highlight. Also, put your non-essential possessions into storage to keep the house neutral. It may also be worth investing in having a full house makeover, to help buyers feel they could move into it the next day, which is really what you’re looking for. 

You can also make the most of the natural lighting. If you have a room that’s a bit dark and dingy, use lamps to brighten the place up. Use light-colored walls to make rooms feel bigger, and use light-colored furniture for a neutral look. It’s also a good idea to use universally liked, clean and neutral smells to mask any underlying odors, like your dogs or what you had for lunch.

Hire a professional photographer to take the best pictures of your home

96% of home viewings are generated from online searches. This means that the photographs you choose to sell your home need to be appealing. 

Posting a good 30 photographs can give buyers a good look at what they’re going to see, and ups the chances of you getting an interested buyer. They will also know what angles will do your home justice and what key features they will want to include to get a good range of shots. 

They will also have high-quality equipment, so the photos will be of a much higher quality than those taken on your phone. The photographer will also know a lot about lighting and making rooms appear bigger, so they will be able to help with making your house look just right.