The nomadic lifestyle appeals to some people if they want to be free and untethered. They may wish to travel from one place to another with minimal cost, so they consider getting an RV. Living on the road is one of the most beautiful ways to live until you realize that it has some downsides.

You can never know if you are built for this kind of life or not. If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water, financing a motorhome can be a great way to manage your expenses so that you do not drown yourself in an asset that you are not 100% sure is going to fit your lifestyle.

That being said, you don’t have to live in a caravan all year. You can do it for just a couple of weeks or months. If you are thinking about leaving the regular life behind for a while, here’s what you need to know to kick-start your journey.

Deal with Your Assets and Possessions

The first thing you should do is end your property’s lease or sell it. If you want to keep making money while you are away, you can rent your place until you decide to put it up for sale. If you own a private business, you can run it from afar if possible, or assign someone to do the job. That will be your safety net in case things go sideways and you get tired of the new life.

We accumulate a lot of stuff at our houses that we’re too sentimental to give away. Unfortunately, living in an RV will force you to get rid of some of your belongings because it has a lot less than your home. Moreover, a part of being carefree is to let go of the attachments that can burden you.

You should only bring along the necessities and things that will make life easier on the road. Some people are not ready to throw away their possessions, so they either rent a storage unit or ask a family member to store the items. They tend to do that as a safety net if they decide to return to their past lives one day.

Store Your RV When Not in Use

Adapting to living in an RV takes a lot of time and needs a flexible person, to begin with. Some people jump all in and decide to go full-time, only to realize later that the drawbacks outweigh the positives. Consequently, they choose to sell the RV or become a seasonal traveler. In case you need to store your caravan, you should consider getting a shed.

Sheds come in different sizes, and they are made of various materials. Metal is the most commonly used material owing to its durability. You can either construct the shed yourself or buy a ready-made one. Despite the variety in sizes, sometimes it’s hard to find a shed that perfectly accommodates your van. That’s why designers at recommend getting a custom-made shed that fits your RV effortlessly. Moreover, you will get to choose the color, material, and design that match your property so it wouldn’t look out of place.

Get an RV that Meets Your Needs

You might be spending months or even years in your caravan. That’s why you need to ensure that your living space is always comfortable. You should get a van that is big enough to accommodate your necessities. Moreover, it should withstand climate changes and keep you warm regardless of the temperature.

Pick the Right Companion

You need to choose your living companions wisely because they can make or break your journey. Communication is key; since you will be staying in a limited space together, you should know how to work out any differences. Also, it is not a good idea to take children with you because they tend to run around and throw tantrums, making your life harder.

Traveling with a furry friend can be challenging as well. Pets require effort and special equipment that takes too much space. On top of that, they can wreak havoc in a van by jumping or peeing all over the amenities. While on the road, you may sometimes need to set up camp and get some rest. If you have a pet, you will find that some campsites are not pet-friendly and won’t allow you to stay. With that in mind, it’s better to travel light without animals to tie you down or restrict your movement.

Know Your RV Inside-Out

The first thing you should check before purchasing a caravan is the tires because they may be old and need replacing. Moreover, you need to see whether the van’s weight matches the tires’ load capacity or not to ensure a safe and smooth ride. You can replace your old tires and keep them as spares in case something happens on the road. You should know your RV like the back of your hands by reading the manual and instructions on how to clean or fix issues when they appear. It is better to save a PDF version because sometimes searching on the internet will fail you if the network connection is weak.

Develop an Emergency Plan

If you decide to leave the security of ordinary life, you should start expecting the unexpected because anything can happen when you are far away from home. You should be well-trained in changing tires, repairing broken parts, and reviving the engine. Developing an emergency plan is also crucial because you may need to evacuate if a fire gets started, for example. That being said, packing all your essentials in a reachable place will make your evacuation faster and easier.

A carefree life is what we all desire but cannot adopt because of the challenges involved. You should consider the factors that make an RV lifestyle enjoyable, such as the company and type of van. You should also test yourself first before leaving everything behind and becoming a full-time traveler. Not everyone is ready to leave the comfort zone of urban life, while it can also be daunting never to settle. In case you are not ready for that yet, you can always go back to your past life and store the van until you are.