Many homeowners find themselves in a situation where they love the neighborhood they live in, but don’t love the house. It could be that your property needs some serious maintenance, or just that it’s looking dated. Sometimes it’s just the case that your property is too small or no longer suits your lifestyle. However, moving to a new neighborhood can be a hassle, and you may be particularly attached to your current address.

In these situations, you do have two options; you can either renovate your home, or you could potentially knock down your old property and do a complete rebuild. So, here are some things to consider when making this decision:

Pricing up different options

While there are many factors that will help you decide whether to renovate or rebuild, ultimately, the cost will be the biggest factor for some. It’s important to work out what the budget for your project will be. Step one is to find home builders in northwest Arkansas who you can talk to about your project and who can give you a quote. Most contractors will be happy to discuss options such as adding an addition or doing a renovation, as well as a potential rebuild, so can help you decide what’s best.

Checking the legality of the work

While your house may seem like a total knock down in your eyes, it doesn’t mean you can simply bring in the demolition trucks. You’ll need to do some research into what you can do with your property.

  • You’ll need to apply for a building permit whether you renovate or rebuild, so you should speak to your contractor about the laws in your area and whether your application is likely to be approved
  • If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA – homeowners’ association – then by law, you may also need their permission for the work. Check your contract
  • Older homes may be subject to historic preservation orders, so you may need to check this before you make any kind of changes
  • If you’re also planning to cut down trees to make way for a new structure, you should check they aren’t protected

While it can sometimes be frustrating to have to apply for permits and deal with local government, it ensures that your property is safe and up to code.

Consider the impact on your life

While a big renovation or rebuild sounds like a fun project, dealing with a large scale project comes with challenges. For example, if you demolish and rebuild, the timescale of your project could be anything from three months to a year, while renovation timescales vary massively, from a few days to fix a roof to a few weeks to put up an addition. Choose a rebuild and you’ll need to live elsewhere for the duration. While you may think you can live at home during a renovation, it can be inconvenient to have one less bathroom or no kitchen for a few weeks. Think about the impact of the work and how it’ll affect your life, as well as associated costs such as hotel stays. This will help you make your final decision and ensure you’re happy with your choice.