Over the few years, there has been so much development in roofing materials. These materials are robust as well as environment friendly. For a better house structure, it is necessary to have a good roof.

A House roof should look modern and provide a secure environment to people living under it. Currently, there are so many roofing options in the market. All of these roofing materials have their specialties and features and you can learn more by contacting your local roofing company

However, most people don’t know many environmental roofing options. So in this guide, we will talk about some efficient, environmentally friendly roofing tiles. So, without any delay, let’s jump into it.

  • Cool roof:

As the name suggests, cool roofs are designed to provide a cooling effect. A mixture made of white glue and gravel makes cool roofs. These roofs can reflect UV rays coming from the sun. Thus, your house remains cool even if the outside temperature is high.

These roofs are only suitable for hooter areas. Although installing these roofs is expensive, it reduces many electricity bills and compensates for the cost. Also, these roofs are very efficient and last longer.

  •  Metal roof:

Metal roofs are an excellent investment because they last up to 50 years. One more benefit of metal roofs is that they can be recycled and used again. Thus, it is a very environment-friendly roofing option. In addition, you can choose various materials like tin, copper, aluminum, and steel.

Like cool roofs, metal roofs also can reflect UV lights making your home cool during the summer seasons. You don’t need to waste money on cooling machines. Due to the metal surface, it is insect and fire-free. In short, metal roofs are on the list of top roofing options.

  • Wood shake:

These roofs are made of wooden material and deliver a stunning look to your house. If you want to have an aesthetic and rustic-looking house, then wood shakes should be your number one choice. They are light in weight and can be installed on their own.

They are super solid and can last up to 40 years. Also, the expense of the installation of these roofs is very budget-friendly. But these types of roofs have a high chance of getting damaged or missing during extreme weather conditions. That’s why they need a lot of maintenance. 

  • Solar roof:

Solar roofs are one of the most expensive roofing options. It can reflect the sun’s UV rays like metal and cool roofs. But it can also absorb them and provide electricity. The installation of these roofs requires experts and professionals.

Although these roofs are costly, they are still highly efficient and reduce electricity. In addition, you can attach a battery with them to store electricity for the night. But, these roofs only work exceptionally in areas with total exposure to sunlight.

  • Clay roof:

Clay roofs are also environment-friendly roofs. They are highly durable and can last 30 to 40 years. They save a lot of electricity bills due to their sunlight reflecting ability. They also give a very magnificent look to your house roof along with durability.

However, it requires strong support from the bottom because clay tiles are hefty. You can’t install them by owning them. A team of professionals needs to be hired for its installation process; that’s why they are expensive. 

  • Green roof:

Green roofs are designed for different structural houses. They are made of natural grass, and you can plant numerous vegetables. It also maintains the house’s temperature and provides a cooling effect in summers.

Also, the water of rain doesn’t get wasted. These roofs look very pretty, but you can’t install them on regular houses. They can only be planted on a specific roof shape. That’s why you will require some experts to plant a green roof.

  • Rubber roof:

Rubber roofs are the cheapest on this list and don’t require much maintenance. In addition, they are environment friendly and keep your house cool. Rubber roofs are made of polyurethane material and are available in different colors and styles.

They provide a very classic look to your house. It has the ability of fire resistance and can last years without getting rust. If you have a low budget, rubber roofs are the best option.


Choosing an environment-friendly and energy-efficient roof is a great option. These roofs help you save a lot of electricity bills and keep your house cool. Currently, several roofing options are available.

However, it depends on your budget and choice of which roof you want. We hope our information will help you in the future. Thank you for reading!