In today’s diverse market, there are options galore in building materials and architectural styles. It is no different in the world of siding; however, one thing remains timeless, consumers love of stucco siding

When determining what siding to choose, customers must take care to consider their needs, the climate, their desired aesthetic, and cost. Stucco has been around for thousands of years but continues to reinvent itself and thus remains a popular choice. As a matter of fact, the use of stucco has greatly increased in recent years as consumers are amazed by its many practical benefits for both residential and commercial applications.

Stucco Never Goes Out of Style

Stucco is a true classic as it has historically been used for thousands of years, all throughout the world. It is an extremely versatile material used in sidings, interiors (to create texture on both walls and ceilings), in art, and other applications. It remains a stellar choice for siding as it boasts of long-lasting quality that stands up well against inclement weather conditions; although, those are far from all its benefits.

In present times, its most popular use is for exterior siding on a variety of businesses, homes, and other buildings. Customers love its ability to endure bad weather and offer additional insulation during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. Its most attractive feature may be its affordable cost that will more than pay for itself during its decades of exceptional performance.

Stucco also allows the home/business owner the opportunity to get creative and customize the look of their house or building. Stucco can be pigmented with nearly any color you desire to create a long-lasting color that never washes off or fades away since it is mixed directly into the compound. Furthermore, stucco can be easily added to decorative stones, bricks, etc. to create a truly custom appearance.

For those looking for a design that is unique and creative, stucco can be the perfect solution. 

This multifaceted product can be utilized to create designs or patterns inside your home or business. It remains especially popular in regions of the country that favor Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. It can transform your business, home, apartment complex, or condo into a classy, high end place to reside.


The base of stucco is traditionally compromised of a mixture of water, sand, and lime. However, it sometimes will also be mixed with cement. Color can be mixed directly into the mixture, prior to application to create the unique appearance you are searching for. Thus, you will never need to worry about painting or repainting your home over the lifetime of the stucco.

Unique Applications

Did you know stucco doesn’t require a blank slate to be used? It can easily be used to cover brick or cement. How it is applied depends largely on the preferences of the contractor as some will put stucco directly on the surface, while others will first apply lath, followed by the stucco to create better adhesion and durability. After learning a bit more about stucco, could it be the right choice to enhance your home or business?