Cleaning a cat’s litter box can be daunting for anyone most times as it may need to be done consistently. You would have to cope with the constant sight of your cat’s litter and the foul smell that emanates from your cat’s potty. This a task no one feels good doing.

Despite how irritating cleaning your cat’s litter box feels, it is necessary to have the feline’s environment looking spick and span almost all the time. It is not just for the health safety of your cat but also the safety of your household as most of them come in close contact with the animal.

With the advancement of technology, litter boxes have evolved from tiny boxes that need constant manual cleaning and maintenance to automatic litter boxes that scoop your cat’s litter and clean themselves. Hence, you are being saved the time and effort of maintaining your cat’s litter box consistently.

There are factors to consider before you purchase an automatic cat litter box. Definitely, you want a litter box that would work perfectly and save you all that stress involved in monitoring and cleaning. However, getting the perfect solution for one cat doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for another cat.

By putting so many facts together, it would be easier for you to purchase the best automatic cat litter box that will meet your needs and that of your cat. It is worth noting that the benefits of using a self litter box are priceless.

Here are some factors you need to consider before purchasing an automated litter box.

Automatic Litter Boxes Would Still Require Human Supervision

Automatic Litter Boxes Would

With the amount of technology we have in our world, human efforts can be fully replaced by machines and robots. However, it is a different ball game entirely when you purchase an automatic cat litter box which features a scooping rake. Cats can be unpredictable; hence, it would be a wrong move to abandon your cat with an automatic litter box.

Regardless of how sophisticated a litter box is, there would still be a need for human input.

  • You would have to clean the faeces that may linger on the edge of the take.
  • The cat’s bags and trays would need changing.
  • In a situation where your cat accidentally kicks the litter box, you would have to clean the mess on the floor and box.
  • Once a while, you would need to disinfect the area.

Therefore, you would still put in some amount of effort even though the litter box is automatic.

You Need To Know Your Cat’s Mode Of Conducting Its Business

Not all cats urinate or defecate the same way. This makes it essential to select an automatic litter box based on how your cat does its business. Boxes with low walls may not be ideal for cats that urinate horizontally.

Additionally, depending on the size of your cat, some devices may be too small for them to fit in. In such a case, a big rotating automatic litter box would be ideal to purchase. Shallow boxes will not be great for vigorous cats.

Another problem that can be encountered is if your cat uses the same spot or the corners of the litter device. It may be hard for automatic litter boxes with scooping rakes to collect the cat’s litter.

Dietary Style And Health

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Whereby your cat has a large appetite, it would end up with a large waste. Hence, containing this waste in an automatic litter box may be challenging. This can also be experienced when the cat eats by-products. It defecates large clumpy wastes that may not be easily accommodated by the litter device.

Healthy cats do not urinate excessively or defecate creamy wastes. Their wastes can be easily collected and contained by the automatic litter boxes. However, it becomes a challenge when such cats suffer from health issues like digestive problems, urinary tract disease or diabetes. Knowing your cat’s health status would help you know what waste disposer is ideal.

Other factors include understanding your cat’s age, habits, and personality. Having a clear understanding of these areas would help you purchase the ideal automatic litter box for your cat. If you would like to view some awesome automatic litter boxes to purchase, please check out this guide.