Let’s face it: you have been looking at Pinterest boards for hours now.

You’re getting married and everyone’s expectations of the wedding reception entertainment are always high. Undoubtedly, this adds to your levels of stress. We’re talking about the right food, the right music, and the right activities. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Here are 10 wedding reception entertainment ideas your guest will love.

1. Parade

A fun and beautiful way to incorporate your guest is by doing a parade from your wedding ceremony to your reception party. This can include dancers, live music and your family and friends waltzing down the road, celebrating you and your partner.

Once you arrive at your destination, why not greet your party with refreshments and a fun photo booth?

2. DIY Cocktail Bar

Who doesn’t love a fun drink at a wedding reception? Doing a DIY cocktail bar allows everyone to create their favorite drink and more fun.

Not everyone is an expert, so providing a fun variety menu will be thoughtful and great!

3. Art Installation

Art is an excellent form to elevate the looks of your wedding reception, by also giving your guest something to talk about and take pictures at. Doing an art installation, a live show or a mixture will definitely have your invitees mesmerized.

Whether you decide on backdrops, origami decor or a color live show, give your guest an unforgettable scene.

4. Photo Booths

Give your guest a great photo booth and they will love you forever. This can be part of your art installation, a great backdrop or even a cool slow-motion video booth.

Besides being a fun activity, it also serves as a souvenir from your wedding.

5. Surprise Flash Mob

You can’t deny watching endless hours of wedding flash mobs dances. Why not make your own? Get your wedding party group together before your reception and rehearse a choreography. Show off your moves!

6. Games

Once everyone has started drinking and eating, they’ll most likely break into groups and into separate activities. A great activity is to incorporate arcade and board games.

Think a few atari machines, card games or jumbo Jenga!

7. Wheel of Fun

A wheel of fun can be a fun ice-breaker to start the reception. This can include dares, games, drinks or even karaoke songs. The more intense the options, the more intrigued your guest will be!

8. Hire a Magician

Another fun game/activity can be to hire a wedding magician ! How fun would that be? No matter the age group, everyone will be delighted.

Talk about wedding reception entertainment!

9. Scavenger Hunt

Running at least one activity throughout your wedding reception is a fabulous way to engage everyone, even the little ones. For this, think
about doing a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt allows for a friendly competition racing to complete all the items first.

In the end, give a prize to those who succeed!

10. Hire a Caricaturist

As a fun activity, doubled as a souvenir from your wedding, consider hiring a caricaturist. Guests will be able to get solo portraits or fun couple ones too.

The best part is that your family and friends will cherish the crazy-looking picture forever!

Unforgettable Wedding Reception Entertainment

Don’t you think your friends and family will talk about your reception for years? These 10 wedding reception entertainment ideas will definitely help you be the talk amongst your group!

Think about the great memories, laughs and smiles you can acquire by adding fun activities to your reception. Consider it, and be unforgettable!