Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is driven by how visually appealing they can be while offering various other benefits. Throughout this time, there have been quite a large number of designs to choose from.

While this choice could be seen as overwhelming, companies such as Balustrades WoodGlassGroup Brisbane have noticed that there are a few common trends. Many of these have been classic designs that have stayed the course.

This is because many of the designs can blend well with most home designs while offering a unique look. Though they can be considered classic designs, that doesn’t mean that they’re dated. Instead, they can provide a modern touch that many homes might crave.

Slim & Sleek

Slim & Sleek
Keeping designs slim and sleek has been a trend that’s been popular for much of the history of glass balustrades. This has primarily been because of how stylish and modern look is. The style has also meant that the balustrades have stayed in fashion for years after they’ve been designed and installed.

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass balustrades have become increasingly popular over the past few years, making them an ongoing trend. This is because they offer unrestricted views, no matter where they’re placed. Alongside this is the fact that they take up a minimum amount of space, meaning they can be great for smaller areas.

Semi-Frameless Glass

For the past few years, more and more people have been moving away from framed glass balustrades. While much of this has been toward frameless, semi-frameless balustrades have also become increasingly popular.

This is because they can take up almost as little space as their non-framed counterparts while offering a certain amount of extra style. Much of this is seen through the contrast that the frames can provide with the glass.

Emphasis On Safety

Emphasis On Safety
Safety is one of the largest aspects of glass balustrades, which is why homeowners have been paying a particular amount of attention to it. A large portion of this is focused on the impact that it can take. However, more and more people have been placing the balustrades outdoors, which adds exposure to the elements to the choice.

Types Of Glass

With safety being a common trend, so too has the type of glass that people have been choosing. This has led to toughened and laminated glass becoming increasingly popular. Alongside this has been tinted and frosted glass, which adds a unique touch to the installation.

Curved Glass

While straightened glass has been a prominent choice, curved glass balustrades have become a prominent trend in recent years. This has been driven by the increase in curved stairs, although the decision has also proven popular among balconies and other areas. By going with curved glass, you can add a subtle, but effective, touch to a space.

Colorful Options

While tinted and frosted options have been popular choices, these aren’t the only options available for the glass. Going with a colored option can add a nice flair to any home, especially when used in the right amount. While you could choose a block of color, you might also want to go with a minimalistic effect.

Mixing Materials

Mixing Materials
Glass doesn’t have to be the only material you choose when picking a balustrade. Instead, you could work in wood or stainless steel, both of which can provide a contrast with the panes. These can add a modern and stylish take on a classic.

Use Around Pools

Pool safety is a concern for everyone, especially those with young families. This has driven glass balustrades to become more popular around both indoor and outdoor pools. Much of this is driven by how subtle the touch can be while offering an effective way to keep people from falling in.


Stairs and pools aren’t the only areas that have seen the benefits of glass balustrades. Instead, they’ve become increasingly common on balconies. This has been seen extensively with the frameless options, as they offer the maximum amount of views.

Combined with the safety that they can offer, there shouldn’t be any problems with using them.

Classic styles can often provide a luxury look to many homes, with this being seen perfectly with glass balustrades. By taking some inspiration from slightly older looks, you should have no problem finding a design that perfectly suits your home.