These days the bathroom became a place of relaxation, where we release the stress and tension after work or the night shift. The decade of simple bathroom design is far away behind us. Therefore we have pulled together some of the best bathrooms remodel ideas for 2021.

Forget about the usual ways of decorating. New trends are:

  • towel warmers
  • showers with heads on the ceiling/walls
  • soap dispensers
  • place for TV
  • hot tubs
  • and many others

The bathroom renovation is a particularly great investment when it comes to money and time, so it is crucial to consult with bathroom fitters that will diligently clarify to you what your bathroom needs.

Year Of New Material Trends

Wood: as a natural material, wood brings nature into our bathroom. It is mainly used as a floor or wall covering, but undoubtedly it is also good for countertops and furniture. The presence of wood fresh texture blends perfectly with the rest of the bathroom designs giving it a touch of luxury.

Stone or marble: it is no longer a secret that 2021 is reserved for marble. The three most popular colours are red, grey, and white. Next to the wood and marble on the top of the list is also a natural stone, which is a perfect choice not only for walls, countertops, and floor but also for sinks.

Shower Doors With Frameless Glass

They are beautiful, functional, and practical. Frameless shower doors are more than easy to clean, which makes your bathroom looking neater. They are a particularly good solution for space-limited bathrooms because they make the bathroom area look bigger.

Open Showers

This is one of the latest trends that became extremely popular. It is incredibly modern, yet elegant and simple. There are absolutely no downsides if you opt for an open shower. Depending on your needs and the overall layout of your bathroom, bathroom fitters can separate it from your floor by edges, glass panel, or even stairs.

Uniquely Designed Tiles

One thing is for sure, there are plenty of different tile shapes available on the market today. But new trends impose that traditional tiles need to be replaced with something unique, unexpected, unseen. One of the winners for 2021 is hexagon tiles, but you can also choose triangles, fish scales, herringbone, or even diamond patterns.

Concrete All Over

Showers, walls, bathtubs, countertops, etc, concrete everywhere design is pleasing and extremely easy to maintain. If you are looking for more different things in your bathroom, you can complement concrete with other materials like glass or wood for a luxurious touch.

Large Models Of Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs instantly transform bathrooms, and they come in many different ways. Some of the most commons are ceramic, acrylic, and fibreglass models. But on the other hand, wood, metal, or natural stone tubs are also a great choice for making your bathroom more interesting.

Matte Black; Classy!

Fixtures, we cannot ignore this part. Matte black fixtures will stay forever stylish and timeless. Black can be used in many ways:

  • tiles
  • toilet seats
  • lights
  • door framers
  • window frames
  • curtains
  • tiles
  • mirror frames
  • and so on